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election fraud

Stop Diebold's Election Fraud! Contact Congress NOW!

Please spend a minute filling out the petition to support Congressman Holt's "paper trail" bill.
Click here now to send a message today, asking your representative to
> co-sponsor Congressman Holt's "paper trail" bill:
>  http://www.GetItStraightBy2008.org/CosponsorHoltBill
> The new Congress has already begun work on a number of vital issues,
> like new ethics rules and an increase in the minimum wage. But we
> need to make sure that they prioritize fixing our election system by
> co-sponsoring the Holt bill today.
> Congressman Holt's paper trail bill, if passed, would:
> - Require all voting systems to use or produce a paper ballot. This
> way, voters can make sure their vote was recorded accurately, and
> ballots can be stored in case recounts are needed.
> - Require election officials to conduct random audits. By comparing
> paper records to electronic tallies, problems with the machines'
> counting functions will be discovered.
> - Require that the source code inside the computer be open for
> inspection. The source code should belong to the public, not the
> voting machine companies.
> We need to pass this bill, and now is the time. Make sure every vote
> counts from here on out.
> Tell your representative to co-sponsor Congressman Holt's "paper
> trail" bill:
>  http://www.GetItStraightBy2008.org/CosponsorHoltBill
> Together, we can GetItStraightby2008.
> Thank you for your work.
> Sincerely,
> Barbara Burt and Susannah Goodman
> Common Cause Election Reform Team
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