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Schumacher Fur Story: from an ex-employee!

I worked for schumacher fur for a short time...
Funny story: A woman brought in a (i shit you not) leopard skin coat-which was over 50 years old, so not TECHNICALLY illegal. The fur was simply beautiful, and I told the woman who owned it that it was "Beautiful, but really kind of sad to see," to which she replied "why would you say that?" and I said "because it's from such a beautiful animal that's now dead." (do I know what to say to fur owners or what?)

then she said the most brilliant thing i have ever heard: "You think this is beautiful but sad? Honey, if you ran into this thing in the wild it wouldn't think twice about brutally killing you" to which I should have replied "yeah, maybe that's true, but I haven't seen that many leopards walking around africa wearing human skin coats"

Ah, time working for schumacher. I couldn't have asked for a weirder, more uncomfortable place to work... Thank god they are "evacuating" for good.

address: address: sE Portland

In today's Oregonian 18.Jan.2007 20:09


Check out  link to www.oregonlive.com

The article has plenty of good parts but this is one of my favorites....

Sitting in his store's basement office on a recent afternoon, Schumacher reiterated his conviction that eco-terrorists were behind the protests. Pushing a book of photos past an ashtray of spent cigarette butts, he insisted a sign had the letters A and L. "That says ALF," he says, referring to the radical Animal Liberation Front.

Yet photos of the sign posted on protester Web sites show the letters were part of the statement "SKINNED ALIVE."


The Schumachers are so so wrong. We are just a collection of passionate souls who gather to be the voices of and for the animals whose skins and lives are stolen from them in a variety of brutal ways. Gregg Schumacher is a liar and his conspiracy theories about who we are are most amusing. Gregg and Linda, please just pack up your skins and leave. It is my understanding that at this time you haven't secured a new home for your store. March isn't far away (remember you said you were going to move in March and I think it was on 11/27/05 when you announced your intent to leave Multnomah County) so you must be feeling a bit stressed. Sell your skins out of your basement or better yet change careers to something cruelty-free. We will see you (Gregg and Linda) once again Saturday (with vegan snacks and hot and cold beverages and some videos you should really watch).

Thanks Brian for posting your story.

date correction 18.Jan.2007 20:20


Was 11/27/06 (the Monday after Fur Free Friday weekend where we had the march on the 24th and daylong protests on the 24th & 25th...and the added bonus of Linda's counter-protest on the 25th...that was fun) when the Schumachers announced their intent move. I thought it was odd that they announced their intent to move so far in advance. Maybe they thought the protests would end if they did. They were wrong about that too.

Do You Have Any Videos To Spare? 18.Jan.2007 20:57


I happened to see the KATU newscast and was extremely disappointed in the reaction of Natilie Marmeon (Spelling?) and Thom Jensen for his one-sided reporting. May I suggest that anyone who is in possession of a video showing the horrific abuse, pain, suffering and killing of animals, for the rich to wear, please send copies to these two news anchors. I have seen Jensen's reporting on other animal issues and have always been somewhat impressed but on this he fell short. Please send them videos.

regarding natalie marmion (sp?) 19.Jan.2007 06:59


That's par for the course. Check out the video "Fuck the corporate media." She has a starring role as a complete idiot in that. (You can download it all over the internet. I think here on this site, too, since it's from videos from the resistance.)

I worked there, too 19.Jan.2007 11:27

Jordan Smith jordan.louis.smith@gmail.com

Hey Brian. I actually worked with you for a bit during the fur sale and ended up staying on and working for that moron for almost all of 2005. I know your pain all too well. I have stories for hours on end about the pure idiocy and moronic tendendies of this turd. I was there was he lost his house to his money grubbing ex-wife (she left him because he had no money (she was also cheating on him with men on 3 different CONTINENTS!)) and when he sued his brother and his father and when he hired a pet communicator for his divorce trial...I could go on and on. I know more dirt about that guy. Needless to say that I happier than hell to see him fall!

We;; go ahead - 19.Jan.2007 12:14


feel free to "go on and on"...I'd like to hear more of what happened there, and about the personalities.

where is their new location 19.Jan.2007 13:21


where do we go from here?

more stories please 19.Jan.2007 15:07


Hey Jordan, Brian and other former employees of Gregg and Linda Schumacher, please don't hesitate to share more about your experiences there. Whatever you're comfortable with, please tell us more. Thanks for sharing what has been posted so far. How much about the industry did they share with you? And if you can and will share any info about where the fur the Schumachers sell comes from ("home" country of the skins, before any import/export/sale at auction/processing) that will be excellent. Did/do the Schumachers have the kind of records to be able to know that? I suspect not since fur/pelts are imported/exported and sold at auctions all over the world. Do/did the Schumachers or their suppliers have a China connection? To your knowledge had the Schumacher's done research into how the animals whose skins were stolen were killed? Had they ever indicated to you that it mattered to them? Had they ever commented about what they feel is humane and what is inhumane...gassing, anal electrocution, trapping and killing, skinning alive, clubbing like what is done to the seals in Canada, etc.? I understand that they probably kept a lot of stuff to themselves but if there's anything you can share about these things I would be most appreciative...and the personality/character/honesty stuff...it's all good. Thanks!

Friends of Gregg and LInda - video clips - 1/13/07 - Prince Charming 20.Jan.2007 00:19


These two are of a guy we've named Prince Charming. He has been delivering vulgar comments (with slight variantions, including him asking us to drop our pants) to us since last spring. He is a very frequent visitor to Schumacher Furs. Gregg and Linda have, over and over, acted in a most friendly way to this warped individual. He says the stuff he says without provocation. I think he needs therapy.
Prince Charming on his way in
Prince Charming on his way in
Prince Charming on his way out
Prince Charming on his way out

Friends of Gregg and LInda - video clips - 12/30/06 - Intoxicated guy 20.Jan.2007 00:42


This guy was upset that we were on the sidewalk conducting our protest. This was recorded near the end of the protest. His speech indicates he had a bit of alcohol before arriving on the scene and folks (activists) near him could smell alcohol on his breath. He makes some pretty outrageous and offensive statements. After his rant that includes him trying to put a positive spin on slavery he goes in the store for more alcohol.
intoxicated guy #1
intoxicated guy #1
intoxicated guy #2
intoxicated guy #2

more video clips of the intoxicated guy 20.Jan.2007 01:00


This misguided and ignorant soul actually stated that mink have "more fun on fur farms than in the wild" (see last clip). Oh yes, so much fun for them, they are caged, isolated from their natural environment and typically gassed (in countries other than China were animals are typically skinned alive) as the means of killing them before their skins are torn from their bodies. Now doesn't that sound like fun? Gregg and Linda must be proud to have supporters such as this guy.
intoxicated guy #3
intoxicated guy #3
intoxicated guy #4
intoxicated guy #4

funny stuff - 1/20/07 22.Jan.2007 00:41

Blue Jay

The first clip is of a guy who walked by the protest spewing the stuff heard in the video though the early part of his rant wasn't recorded. Seems this guy and Prince Charming would get along fine. We were blessed once again by a visit from Prince Charming yesterday...second clip. I heard similar stuff from some guys driving by and stopping on Morrison during today's protest (I wish I had recorded it). Must have been something in the air this weekend.
wacky guy
wacky guy
more Prince Charming
more Prince Charming

Schumacher Furs to Washington Square? 24.Jan.2007 11:10


Though we are still waiting to hear the news about where Schumacher Furs is moving a potential new store location is Washington Square Mall. If anyone wants to write the management to encourage them to say no to the furry retailers (assuming they haven't already rented space to the Schumachers) and/or to let them know activists might be inspired to bring their energy and message to Washington Square if Schumacher Furs is there the contact information is listed below.



Jonae Armstrong, CSM
Senior Property Manager

Rebecca Lesley, CMD
Senior Marketing Manager

Alesha Shemwell
Leasing Manager

Caryl Cantrell
Specialty Leasing Manager

Marisa Bravo
Assistant Marketing Manager