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Student marches in Greece, 17 January 2007

National marches were organized by many student associations in Athens and Thessaloniki, where more than 270 faculties are occupied by students, protesting against the revision of the constitutional article 16, introducing the establishment of private universities. Mainly however, is undertaken the subordination of academic stupidity to the enterprising and economic plannings, as well as the intensification of student subjugation through more demanding schedules, imposition of maximum time of studies, additional academic expenses etc.

The course in Athens, began around 14:00, with attendance of more than 15.000 demonstrators. A bit earlier there was an attack with Molotov cocktails against riot-policemen who blockaded some streets around the technical university, while in the morning a CCTV camera was set on fire outside the technical university. Reaching to the march's ending some groups of demonstrators, burned 5 government and diplomatic vehicles, 2 CCTV cameras, and clashed with the police. Later the afternoon, many demonstrators went to the technical university, which is occupied by anarchist groups in solidarity to the 3 detainees of May 6th (2 of them are on a hunger strike). Cops tried to attack the occupied building but were forced to recede.

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