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G8 police raids in Munich, Germany

in munich different places were raided by the police. Named as a reason was the call to blockade the airport Rostock-Laage published in several broshures and in the call for protests against the socalled security-conference [a privatelly organized sub-summit where politicians, weapons industrials and nato-generals harmonize their strategies,].
munich: police razzia after call to blockades

Raided were several places: The Cafe Marat, a bookshop, a printshop, where the incriminated brochures were thought to be produced, a community centre, as well as the people (we know of three) who own the domain of some websites, where the call for blockades have been published - namely no-nato.de and indynews.net.

In one WG, where one of the people affected lives, 5 computers were confiscated, while the permission to search only named one person.

Seized were flyers of the latest radical-left siko-call "G8 und SiKo angreifen [Attack G8 and Siko]" (see no-nato.de), broschures containing a resumée of 5 years of mobilization against the SiKo (to be ordered on no-nato.de). Sometimes only one page was ripped out of the broschure (page 22, if you want to know in detail).

As mentioned above, the reason given was "calling for criminal offences", referring to the planed blockade of the airport Rostock-Laage (cited in the permission-to-search-paper was "Flughafen stürmen" - storming the airport), which is regarded as 'Nötigung' [coercion, which is considered a crime]. The official permission-paper also explicitly notes that the participants of the summit will land on this airport.

The raids clearly are meant as a blow towards the mobilization against the G8, but also against the left as a whole. To this point in time it is not known, what kind of reaction will follow, people will meet in the evening in the Marat.

Don´t let them get us down!
Smash G 8!