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New prison dispatch from Jeffrey Free Luers

For the last several years I have been writing about the causes and signs of global warming. I scour newspapers and science journals for the latest studies. It's no real surprise that the guy in prison for trying to call attention to global warming is writing about it. When I first came to prison global warming was a myth. I had to argue the facts in numerous interviews. Some journalists were convinced by my passion and knowledge and others dismissed me as crazy.

Now more and more attention is being given to climate change and its inherent dangers. Major media outlets are reporting on climate change on a regular basis. Just the other day the Register Guard reported that a 41 square mile chunk of Canada's arctic ice shelf had broken off due to climate change. Reporting that the remaining ice shelves are 90% smaller than when they were discovered in 1906 ('Ice shelf break blamed on climate change' 12-30-06).

Even the US government has now acknowledged the plight of polar bears that are threatened by climate change. However, I was shocked when the Oregon Department of Corrections recently put an article in the prison bulletin about the dangers of global warming!

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