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!Raccoon Radio! a Northwest Audio Zine

This issue of Raccoon Radio was first broadcast on Free Radio Olympia from 1pm to 2pm on Monday (1.15.07). Featured in this issue are:

-Robert Kam from Thurston County Television speaking on precarious position of local television stations because of the recent FCC decisions.

-An interview with Michael Cuzzort from Iraq Veterans Against the War with dj Rhino.

-Monica Peabody from the Olympia Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition speaking on ideas for WROC.

-And music by Mystery Solving Time!
If you have suggestions or content for the show contact  RaccoonsRock@gmail.com!
*This version of the show was edited 16.Jan.2007 17:25


Because of limits to "Free Speech" in the United States, this show was edited to remove language that could cause radio stations to be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It's OK to go to Iraq and kill half a million people 17.Jan.2007 06:15

Fred Bauer

But when it comes to using the F or the S word, that's where we draw the line.

It's not licensed 17.Jan.2007 17:05

2 much RF

its a pirate station, they can do what they want

*Edited for other radio stations 17.Jan.2007 18:00


When this aired on FRO there was no effort made to censor the content