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Following Dr. King and Ending the Streetcar

Ending the street car to discontinued Amtrak would be like the two-state solution (for Israel and Palestine) and the unconditional basic income. The unintended consequences would be breathtaking and include a resurgence of public spirit and revitalization of the economy.
Dear Mayor Potter and councilpersons Adams, Sten, Salzman and Leonard,

May the new year be full of good surprises!

1. Admitting the streetcar was a mistake would be following MLK.
The $550 million could be spent better than for a streetcar to dicontinued Amtrak.
Maybe we were led astray by false prophets. After fighting the poor instead of poverty, we made plowshares into spears.

2. Our dark side is that we are the "Wretched of the Earth" (cf. Franz Fanan).
As self-righteousness is the grand delusion (cf Eberhard Jungel) like full employment, making riches and power into ends-in-themselves makes them idols and we reap the fruits.
What a happy day that you could proclaim the misunderstood God who chose what is weak and despised in the world to shame the strong (i Cor 1,25)!

3. Vancouver BC (beside the computer-driven Sky Train) has community centers in its neighborhoods. The Carnegie (in the poorest part of Van) celebrated its 100 th anniversary in 2005 and makes all the difference.
Instead of learning from Van, we trash Vancity.
To the corporate mind, Canada is only a country without TacoBell. They're only faking it. We see what we want to see.

4. Canada is a teacher and friend, not merely a market for our HMOs.
Rep. Emmanuel (D-Ill) will be introducing a bill to allow Canadian medicines and the revived Dems may be revisiting the passport law.
Perhaps we could outsource our domestic and foreign policy to the canucks (before we end up supplying military aircraft to China, the bitter fruit of military profit).

5. MLK taught there is good in every person, a second chance, as Gandhi said everyone has a secret that only needs a spiritual discipline.
Filled with love as his house burned down, he was followed by Nelson Mandela filled with love after 10,000 days in a South African prison.
With community centers (not bingo clubs), we could learn a new language and a new mathematics. That was the kerygma of Jesus, the Bible in the Bible, the reign of God.

6. Reconciliation means creating a new unity relativizing difference.
Ending the new streetcar would be like the two-state solution (for Israel and Palestine) and the unconditional basic income.
Creating a new unity would stop the destruction of public spirit.
The unintended consequences would be breathtaking and include a resurgence of public spirit and revitalization of the economy. The capital offensive has withered purchasing power and the domestic economy (cf. Noam Chomsky, Failed States).

7. Might is right is also a mistake, a deadly blindness and false security, a Hitlerian temptation borne of megalomania and the cult of the soldier.
MLK hoped the human race would have priority over the arms race.
Thanks for your attention, passion, love for life and love for the future!

Marc Batko

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the fire of youth will never be put out - like dreams and the hope of living in a multipolar world free of fear and distress)

(www.scorecard.org allows us to see the major polluters and the water and air risks in Portland or Poetland)
(www.corpwatch.org helps us understand the neoliberal counter-revolution that sets investors and financiers over workers and consumers)
(Playing with Fire: America and the Dollar Illusion. A 44-year old Spiegel editor describes our speculative economy with its credit bubble prosperity:

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Two State Solution/Nelson Mandela 01.Feb.2007 12:45

David Simon bennatan.david@gmail.com

In order for there to be a two state solution for Israel and Palestine there would need to be a leader of the Palestinians on the order of Nelson Mandela. A person that truly wanted peace and won the trust of all the people. Sadat won Israel's trust as someone who was serious about peace. Surely no-one expected Begin to be a probable partner. When Sadat made the first step, Begin had no choice but to follow. When there is a Palestinian Mandela, Ghandi or Sadat it will not be a problem to find the Israeli counterpart.

As to a two state solution, why would it not be possible for Jews to live in the Palestinian state? That would go a long way around the problem of drawing up borders. Could Arabs live in Israel and be Palestinian citizens and Jews be Israeli citizens while living in Palestine? It is a scenario for Messianic times. As it is the elected government of the PA rejects past agreements to recognize the State of Israel. Waiting for the Palestinian Mandela. Waiting for the Messiah.

Rehov HaTzvi 3/6 Beer Sheva