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How can I tell the difference between an officer and a criminal?
If they behave the same there is no point in having both.
A criminal is a crimanal with or without a badge.
Children well be children.
Criminals well be criminals.

Chidren learn from what they see.

A criminal record is like an onion you can peel back layers and layers of crimanal behavior and it stinks to the core.

Criminal behavior is the way one treats thier enemys not thier friends.

What starts this behavoir?
What stops this behavoir?
An officer who shows disregard for others or the law well be viewed as an enemy.
Society well be viewed as an enemy, if it's reprsentives are viewed as enemys.

How can I tell the difference between an officer and a criminal?
If they behave the same there is no point in having both.
A criminal is a crimanal with or without a badge.

If crimanals veiw others as obstacles to be defeated,
offiers should view others as friends to be helped.

If crimanals are rude and foul mouthed,
offiers should always be kind and cival.

If crimanals wave guns carelessly and use them to threaten and destroy life,
offiers should keep thier guns safe and only use them to protect life.

If crimanals use force to comit crimes and harm others,
offiers should only use force as needed to prevent crime and protect others.

If crimanals try to cause and increase suffering,
offiers should try to decrease and prevent suffering.

If crimanals are disrespectful of life,
offiers should care about every life deeply.

If crimanals are quick to anger,
offiers should always keep thier cool

If crimanals break the laws,
offiers should fallow them.

If crimanals base judgements on prejudice,
judgements should be based on the way people treat each other not on thier differences.

We should treat eachother with caring and respect and forgiveness.

We should learn from and teach eachother.

We should look out for the safty of others.

We should feel for the suffering of others and speakup when others are abused.

We should work together to improve the world.

A police officer should not view the public as crimanals or enemys or adicts. An officer should see the public as the people they are paid to protect even from themselves. Name calling, exsesive force, and imoral acts do nothing to serve or protect the public.

The public should view the police as strong people, who were chosen to serve and protect them not as bullys that enjoy pushing people around.

There is only one side, and it's time we all acted that way.
Trash 15.Jan.2007 21:50


Where do people get this garbage? A criminal is a person who has been convicted of disregarding demands made by the state, by that same institution. Every hero that I've ever had, and likely ever will have, has been a criminal. Because a criminal is capable of seeing beyond their institutionalization to their own thoughts, and feeling. Some of them may be good, some bad, nonetheless those who have caused change in any direction throughout history have dissolved that nonsense equation of criminal equals bad, and recognized that criminal equals individual. A criminal acts out their feelings and conscience, regardless of the fear that the state attempts to instill in them, that is more courageous than any officer ever was.

What then is an officer but a bully with a license? The officer commits heinous acts against those that the state considers insignificant or undesirable without repercussion and often with reward. Why should this be iconified as an ideal? An officer is person that was so terrified by the state's ability to repress opposition that they fell right in line. An officer, is a peice of human filth, dredged up by the state to serve as it's agent in oppressing its subjects and preventing those that would be free; the free thinkers, the "criminals".

This post supposes what an officer "should" be. Well, since an officer shouldn't BE; I would say that the only thing that an officer should be is gone... And as always it will be up to the criminals to make this step in human history occur.