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Government Found Guilty of Martin Luther King Murder in Federal Court - 12/8/99

Undisclosed conspirators for the governments of the United States, the State of Tennessee, and the City of Memphis were found liable for the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. on December 8, 1999, in a federal circuit court. The federal government never appealed the decision. The mainstream media in the U.S. never covered the assassination conspiracy verdict, even though the implications of the story were greater than Watergate. The family requested a subsequent independent investigation to be set up by President Bill Clinton (who has since established office in Harlem), but he refused the request.
For anybody who cares about true democracy in America and the world, understanding the state-sponsored assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., is imperative. What it means is that the US Government will conspire to assassinate its own citizens as a matter of political convenience. In the opinion of Dr. William Pepper, who prosecuted the case of the conspiracy to kill MLK, the assassination occured because King had become too vocal and too influential, not just for the cause of civil rights, but against the Vietnam War and the "military-industrial complex."

Pepper: "(King) had moved well beyond the civil rights movement by 1964-65 and he had become effectively a world-figure in terms of human rights people and particularly the poor of this earth. That's where he was going. That's the area you don't really get into safely when you start talking about wealth, redistributing wealth. Taking, diverting huge sums of money into social welfare programs and health programs and educational programs at the grass roots. When you start going into that you begin to tread on toes in this country, in the United Kingdom, and in most of the western world. When you start associating with the poor of this planet and the exploitation of what's happened to whole cultures and tribal cultures in Africa in particular, and you see the results of the exploitation of western colonial powers and when you want to see a movement to not only arrest that process which still goes forward today under different guises but to actually reverse it and to give an opportunity for people to control their destinies and their own natural wealth, that's dangerous ground to get on."

Here is one case which, due to dogged determination on the part of the King Family, William Pepper, and several other dedicated individuals, gives the government's own seal of approval to the proof of a conspiracy theory and disproof of years of whitewash and cover-up. The implication of the King assassination conspiracy trial and its validation in federal court is astounding when considered along with the persistent questions surrounding the murders of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, etc. The information is available online at the King Center, with complete documentation of the trial:  http://www.thekingcenter.com/news/trial.html

An interview with William Pepper, author of "An Act of State," is available here:  http://www.ratical.org/ratville/JFK/WFP020403.html

Pepper's book can be ordered online at:  link to www.amazon.com
Act of State also available 17.Jan.2007 11:09

need for indie business

Thanks for the post. An Act of State is an important read. It is available used through Powell's(walk on down and save another tree), or through Abebooks, if you'd rather order on-line. Abebooks is neat--helps independent bookstore owners sell a few books for (usually) really cheap, and gets the word out about great, small bookstores.

I think MLK would have liked the idea of Abebooks--and the fact the Powell's is unionized.