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Po Po Pro

A 4-min video of police and protesting photos
Peace Soliders
Peace Soliders

Po Po Pro video

A short photo-video from Joe Anybody of police and peaceful protesters

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Right on 15.Jan.2007 09:30


I liked this video.

excellent 15.Jan.2007 10:34


I had to go to the link to get this to play for me...probably my ineptitude with computers. Excellent film. Thanks for posting!

great video 15.Jan.2007 10:54

navy dad

My mom, who passed away 11-4-06,was in your video.Although in her 90's, she rarely failed to attend a rally downtown or to protest a Bush/Cheney appearance.Thank-you for putting that together.

Good Job! 15.Jan.2007 19:37


I took two of the photos that were included in your video. I am pleased to see that you put them to additional good use. Thanks.

my reply 15.Jan.2007 23:21

Joe A.

thanks for the nice comments and the use of the great pictures that I borrowed to share with 'us' all.

thank you also goes to the poster who said his mom was in one of these picture.
i am honored and proud.

the software i used is new to me and is limited, it kind of took a while to put together.

i am inspired by all the people who are involved in one way or another in stopping the war and standing up to do what is right in spite of massive intimidating and forceful police presence.

first here
first here
then here
then here