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Text message updates for busy progressives?

I am on dialysis which means I'm stuck in a @#$in' chair for 12 hours a week with nothing to do so I'm trying to think of a way I can make the world better. When I was working full time I missed alot of actions because I didn't find out about them until afterwords. I was thinking I could offer a free service where I text message quick messages to people letting them know whats coming up?
I was thinking short messages, like "Die in at Pioneer Square 2pm today" would really help people. I have more than enough time to manage this list. If you're intrested in recieving phone updates, please send an email from your phone to  phoneupdates@yahoo.com , or if you have any ideas about this. Do you think it would be best to send out updates the day of or before the event? Is there something like this already in place?
Brian the Green 15.Jan.2007 22:16


Thanks for trying to help. Hope you get better!

OK for something like Whale Siting Alerts, but... 16.Jan.2007 00:22


You're suggesting that activists (for lack of a better word), in the emergent police state, might:

-- send in tactics to a third party "hub" to be text messaged by that third third party to a list held by that third party...

-- send in their cell contact info to a third party list so that they may be contacted about (and, consequently, be identified with) tactics...

This doesn't sound very secure. And as we are coming to sense, the "lists" are growing, provoked by the remotest association with dissent.

This "service" strips even the meager cover that random contacts dispersed over time, say within an affinity group, might afford. Instead it offers to create a list of individuals (through their cell numbers) who want to be "tipped off"--en bloc-- when some action expressing dissent with some status quo is about to unfold.

Something less connected to "the subscribers"--a broadcast announcement or something like a "Batman signal" projected onto low clouds would be safer.

They didn't mean anything subversive 18.Jan.2007 13:58

Greeney the Frog

I meant events already listed on this site.

You really think this site is anonymous?

Nothing is, these days.

So if I were a cop (which I'm not.. but still) I would have a list of people's cell phone numbers that are interested in attending peaceful rallies.

Big whiptee.