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Lets make local buisnesses take sides on the war

I was at a local bar today grabbing some snacks to go. While I was waiting for my food I was shocked to see an army recruiting poster on the wall. The bartender lady saw me tear it down and said "I didn't see that. I've been wanting to do that for weeks."
I, for one, am not going back there. I'm sending the owner a letter telling them why. Just a little pressure can get rid of recruiting propaganda in some of our favorite neighborhood locations. I see more and more pamphlets popping up at the minimarts and burger stands all over the place.

Let's distribute IMPEACH BUSH AND CHENEY flyers!! 15.Jan.2007 00:53


Recruiters are lying to fill the ranks of cannon fodder for Bush's perpetual war!! All we would be asking stores to do is support America by ousting a treasonous administration.

How About Chuck E Cheeses ? 15.Jan.2007 10:41


Chuck E Cheese has this thing called Chuck E TV ..mostly songs and cartoons ...BUT they also have an Army recruiting video they play showing soldiers handing out treats to kids and stuff like that. So beware..when you take your 2 to 10 year olds to have pizza and play games , they are being indoctrinated. We will never take our grandkids there or spend a goddam dime at Chuck E Combats.

not a bad idea 16.Jan.2007 06:58


maybe a blog of local businesses that are open supporters of the death brigade. I would definately be a daily visitor, and I know other ppl who would also. but the key is to communicate to the businesses why we are refusing to return. I saw a comcast van with a GW in 04 sticker on it and I told him he just lost my business, and he said " oh no down to one billion customers" and laughed, but if we all started hitting them with this it might take em down a notch. P.s. fuck comcst they will screw you, sorry to spam my distaste of comcast. don't let it over ride the point of this post.

GREAT IDEA! 17.Jan.2007 17:47


We recently protested the annual meeting of the chamber of commerce. One of many things the Portland Business Alliance have done includes speaking out against peace groups anti war resolution in city council. Thier membership includes defense contractors, and biometrics subsidiaries. Bad news, and when PPRC protested thier opposition to the council resolution the business alliance had the police beat them up!

So you want to focus on holding businesses that support the war accountable? I'm with you!