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RecentChangeCamp - an unconference

February 2,3,4 - We use wiki, an online software, as means to build community. We want to meet each other face to face so that we can "build communities worth having." We meet in an unconference style. Agenda gets set the first morning.
You are reading this Invitation because someone wants to see you at RecentChangesCamp 2007. RecentChangesCamp is an un-conference (BarCamp), which is of, by, and for folks who want to "build communities worth having" both online and off. This especially includes the OpenTechnology/OpenCulture movement.

We are coming together to make connections, write code, have fun, revise the CyberneticRoadmap, do as much good work as each and every one of us can ... and then go home more connected, more energized and more capable of building great communities and the tools they depend on. Bring your friends and join a good party that's growing even better!

<a href=" http://RecentChangesCamp.org">RecentChangesCamp.org</a>

Located this year at Audio Cinema.

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It has been a while since I have used an IMC.