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Saturday night at the movies...a review

I went so you don't have to...
I stepped outside the se pdx bubble last night and went to the Lloyd Center multiscreen theater for the first time in years, actually only the second time in my life. What a freak show that was! Horrible prices, frightening food-like substances, zombie-like patrons and employees and commercials for desperate organizations before the feature: network tv-if they spent as much money on talent, writing, etc. as they do on the ads they wouldn't need the ads. The National Guard-everyone in the promo looked 16. I couldn't restrain myself and yelled "DON'T BE STUPID!" Yet another Spiderman movie-how special it is compared to all the others and to the greatness that is American cinema (yawn).

Then they showed a number of trailers, the theme of each seemed to be BE AFRAID of EVERYTHING. Their world is full of superhuman serial killers, renegade government agents and beautiful women who turn into werewolves so look out! All scenes were accompanied by gallons of blood, screaming victims, exploding machinery and buildings. The sound system was cranked up to a high degree as well. A confused and terrified populace is easily controlled.

The movie we saw really isn't very important-it's foreign but way over the top in special effects with no real storyline that worked. The theme seemed to be that if you have lots of power and money you can do exactly what you please even if you're insane. What a concept!

On the way out my friend quizzed two rental po-pos as to what they were doing in the lobby. They replied that they were there because the "kids might get rowdy". I think there was a movie with a gang-related theme playing in the complex and some of Portland's non-white citizens in attendance. Wow-there could have been a riot!