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Question about a REQUIRED government survey.

I just received the 2006 Agricultural Identification Survey.
Today I received a four page form from National Agricultural Statistics Service. It is titled 2006 Agricultural Identification Survey and asks 22 questions ranging from what crops I might be growing, to do I own any colonies of bees and have I hired any agricultural workers during the year. It is also stated that response to this survey is legally REQUIRED by Title 7, U.S. Code. I have never heard of this form before. Has anyone else? After doing a small bit of research with Google, I find I am not alone in feeling uneasy about answering these questions. ( link to nonais.org) In years past, I would not have given much thought to cooperating with this survey, but I have heard so many lies and have seen so many fellow citizens end up in dark labyrinths of government speak that I am reluctant to comply. Has anyone else received this form?
Indymedia not a good resource for you 14.Jan.2007 19:43

regular reader

I don't think Indymedia is exactly the place to get a difinitive answer on something like this. You'll get all kinds of speculation, political comments, and inaccurage info though if that's what you want.

Aren't you subscribed to any organizations or publications for farmers? If you're not a farmer, then inform whoever sent the form to you that they made a mistake.

National Community Survey 15.Jan.2007 03:54


I got the census' community survey in the mail a couple years ago. It wanted a bunch of personal information, income, etc. etc. and clearly stated numerous times that it was required and there'd be a fine of $500 or so for failing to turn it in.

I never did and nothing's happened. Yet.

USDA's new Snooping Machine 27.Jan.2007 11:39


There can be a fine imposed for not responding to this survey...$100. A $500 fine if you lie.
The simple solution is to simply write on the survey "It's none of your damn business", sign, date and mail this piece of crap back to them. You will have "Responded" and fulfilled your obligations.