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"only an asshole would wear fur in this house" - the peter young benefit

fashionably ignorant young lady gets booed out of show
last night i attended a benefit for peter young, excited to see so many turn out in support. i heard someone note that there were a number of young women wearing what looked like fur trimmed jackets. in response, someone posted a sign on the door saying "only an asshole would wear fur in this house". while standing outside, i caught a glimpse of a woman walking through the yard in what looked like a real fur coat. i thought to myself "surely i didn't see that right... surely that's not real fur. i mean, who is ignorant enough to wear a fur coat to a benefit show for an ALF political prisoner?" the woman disappeared into the crowd of people gathered inside the house. moments later, i hear shouting from inside the house. the door opens and the woman in the questionable jacket is being followed out of the house by a small group of people and it dawns on me that it is, indeed, fur. "you don't wear a f*cking mink jacket to a show benefitting a political prisoner who liberates mink!" i hear someone shout. the woman, who apparently had no problem with the dead animal draped around her was actually SURPRISED to have been accosted and held accountable about it, screams "you're all such a bunch of hypocrites!" and amidst boos and whistling, indignantly left the party.

it was refreshing to see people address this issue so boldly and unapologetically. thank you to whoever called her out!
yes, thank you 14.Jan.2007 19:25

drunk punk that gives a shit

It's not so funny to see so many clueless faces out there. There were heavy vibes from a lot of the people their that didn't seem to fit some humanity check. the whole "drunk punk lets all go to the punk show! who really gives a shit" motif fit a bunch of faces. it truly saddens me. thank you bold friends who stepped in when my words failed me.. much love

call them out. 15.Jan.2007 08:28

any time, any where.

Every single time I see someone in a fur coat, or even "just" fur trim, I call them out. Loudly. Publically. I don't like to do it, it makes me feel uncomfortable and rude. But it makes them feel uncomfortable too, and that's the point. Fur is trying to creep back "into fashion." There's money in it, you see, and people can be such stupid, mindless drones that anything they see on tv is what they have to have. That, and the fur trim apparently escapes them. They just don't even think about it. After all, it's "only" fur trim, right? Well they think differently once they have been publically spanked a few times. Ostracism works. Call them OUT. NEVER let someone walk past you in fur without making them, and everyone else around them, think about it. Make them aware that it is simply not acceptable. It works. It really does work.

clearing things up 16.Jan.2007 20:28

a person who was there

Regardless of what you think the timeline was, this peron was educated and didn't care to learn more. She just didn't care and felt entitled. I found out later that when she first came to the benefit she was handed some literature and was educated about the cruelty that goes into making a fur coat. She left the benefit and apparently she heard me asking if there was someone wearing a fur coat. She then came back and walked up the steps to me, raised her voice and said that she was the girl wearing the fur coat. It was obvious that she wanted a confrontation. I and a friend then told her how brutally animals are treated for the fur industry. But she didn't care. At that point I told her she shouldn't be wearing a fur coat to a show that is benefitting a political prisoner convicted of liberating animals from fur farms. People cheered and she finally walked away. For those who think that a little education done in just the right way would make anyone and everyone throw off their fur coat and go vegan, I challenge you to come to a fur protest and see how many die hard fur wearers you can get to care about animals. I guarantee that these people writing overly critical comments have not gone regularly to fur protests or have succesfully educated fur wearing strangers about fur. Sometimes you really do educate people and they really don't care. This fur wearer made it very clear she did not care regardless of what happens to the animals, so at that point negative attention can be a successful strategy.

The benefit was GREAT!!! 17.Jan.2007 08:50

Raggedy Ann

I just wanted to say that I thought the benefit was awsome. In the kitchen, there was a table set up with lots of literature about fur and other animal rights issues. There were screen printed shirts for sale and a tv was playing meat your meat. Oh and how can I forget those amazing vegan cookies and brownies. So people had to walk thru the kitchen to get to the basement where the bands were playing. So if someone wants to say that the girl wearing the fur coat wasn't educated, that would be only on her part. There is no way you can miss that table.....and I actually saw her get a flyer about fur. Oh and the bands Riot Cop and The Wobblies were faaaaantastic! :)

my observation 17.Jan.2007 09:18


I first saw her when she walked up the steps to get into the show. I told her what the benefit was about, a benefit for Peter Young who is in prison for liberating mink from fur farms. She opened the door which had the sign "Only assholes whould wear fur in this house" and the sign saying this was a benefit for Peter Young. The next time I saw her she was walking from the side of the house thru the front yard toward her car (the door on the side of the house was between the kitchen and the basement). Before she was out of the front yard, two girls asked me if a woman had come in wearing a fur coat. The woman in the fur coat overheard them, turned around and walked back up the steps towards the two girls and said in a snotty attitude, "Yea i'm the girl wearing the fur coat". The two girls started telling her about the process it takes to make a fur coat. The woman stomped away yelling about seeing people wearing leather in the house. As she was walking to her car, someone had yelled "you don't wear a f*cking mink jacket to a show benefitting a political prisoner who is in prison for liberating mink from fur farms!" I was impressed to see a bunch of people on the porch clapping and cheering as she stomped away. She didn't seem to give a shit or care to learn what anybody had to say. I can't imagine how stressful it would be for the organizers to have to deal with the situation of someone wearing a fur coat to the benefit. It's like having an anti-nazi benefit and a nazi showing up wearing a swaztika. I hope that woman thinks twice before she reaches for that ugly fur coat in her closet when she goes out next weekend. You can't show up to random parties/shows in Portland wearing a fur coat and expect no one to say anything.

SUCCESS!!! 17.Jan.2007 12:31


I heard the benefit for Peter Young was a success! It raised more money than the organizers thought. I wasn't at the benefit, but I heard there was a couple people that came to the benefit wearing fur. I don't understand why people would come to a benefit not knowing what it was about and pay money. They are just willing to let their money go to anything, no questions asked. I want to know where my money is going and what it is benefitting. Don't you?

Fur Coat at Anti-Fur Function 27.Jan.2007 11:30


That had to be a fake fur. Some people support fake fur and some people oppose it on the grounds that it still promotes the idea that fur is fashionable. But then again, I was in a companion cat gift boutique once in New York City and a girl walked in in a full-length mink coat. No conscience, no conscience at all. Yes I did comment to her on it.

Judith - 31.Jan.2007 10:50


I was there and it was real, unfortunately. It wasn't the $150,000 style from Schumacher, but a scuzzier looking one - but still all real.