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Strange movie

Makes me wonder.
Anyone watched this yet:

It is hard to reconcile with much of the 9-11 truth movement's statements. The perspective appears to be, on first sight, much less narrow (i.e., US-centered) than that of "Loose Change" and "Plane Site". Things that seem to be shown in this move stand at odds with common wisdom about what 9-11 is about.

I do not believe the claim of "faked Osama" videos anymore until someone has analyzed ALL the footage seen in this movie accordingly. And there is a lot of it.

somebody's having a problem 14.Jan.2007 12:00

coping with basic reality

A (supposedly) genuine video can't prove that another, obviously fake, video is actually authentic.

Once you've caught your neocon heroes lying to you, you can't make the bad dream go away by collecting more evidence somewhere else. The lies are still there, and they're still lies. The people selling you videotapes of some dude in a beard, who doesn't even look like Osama, are still full of shit. No other video can make that fake video real again, no matter how hard you look, and no matter what you find.

which is which? 14.Jan.2007 12:36


Which video in your comment is which? The neocons were never my heroes. I didn't vote for them, and I did never trust them to tell me the truth. I didn't even care to listen to much of their propaganda.

Have you watched this one here? And is the very existence of this movie not a fact to acknowledge, no matter how one interprets it?