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An "I told you so" to Portland City Council...

An "I told you so" to Portland City Council...
Submitted by Styve on Thu, 2007-01-11 04:26. Portland, OR

I sent this Tuesday night, 1-09, hoping that they might read it before dipshit dubya aired his juvenile analysis of the situation.

We were hoping for big demonstrations here, and Thursday night saw over 600 people converge on Pioneer Square, to send a message to Congress that this is madness...to be following a madman's dictates on how to "win" an occupation?!?! How goddam Orwellian can we get?!?!

Bush is gone in six months...mark my words!! He will either have a bunker moment and bump himself off, or his father will do it for him...

I remember an old camp anecdote about a letter from a son to his Dad, and the ending line was, "...so sad, too bad...your Dad!!" Never thought I would revisit that...life is weird!

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Wouldn't it have been nice to get ahead of this Constitutional Crisis we warned you of in May, 2006!?
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2007 22:48:15 -0800
From: styve
Reply-To: styve
To: Sam , Erik , Dan , Randy

Hello Commissioners,

I apologize for deluging you with some very hard-hitting and poignant journalistic analyses of the Constitutional pickle America finds itself in. However, since I was part of the impeachment movement that presented to City Council numerous times since May, 2006, and that met with each of you and your staffs, to explain why Portland City Council should have been doing everything within its power to raise a voice against a looming Constitutional crisis...I feel it is my responsibility to make sure that you are up to speed on what is about to occur.

George W. Bush unilaterally decided to ignore the election results of 11/07, calling for an end to the Iraq occupation, and then to ignore the learned recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, calling for the withdrawal of troops from the Iraq quagmire. Instead, he favored the chickenhawk concepts of "doubling down" and a "troop surge", to "win" the unwinnable?!

Recently, as he has throughout his two illegal administrations, Bush is choosing to completely shred the U.S. Constitution in potentially(hopefully) the final two destructive gestures of his catastrophic Presidency... the reckless decision to escalate hostilities in Iraq through adding fuel to the fire, contrary to Congressional directive, and the looming decisions to invade Iran and Syria, and to purposefully stir tensions with North Korea.

Almost forgot to include some horrifying information on what service members can expect to face if, and when they ever do come home, but I will leave it to you guys, at your convenience, to keep an eye on www.vawatchdog.org.

In closing, I certainly hope that City Council and the Mayor are on top of a rising tide of the hostile treatment Portland residents are experiencing in interactions with the Portland Police Department. The Chasse killing, and the 10/5/06 peaceful demonstration, corralled by Portland PD in riot gear,are two of the most recent newsworthy events that should have prompted some proactive measures to protect the citizenry from what seems a growing machismo among the department.

Thank you and good luck to us all!!


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