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American Congress: Failed Institution

Democrats have failed the American people (and civilised world) by allowing the lunatic U.S. President to re-introduce nuclear warfare in an already unstable world. Two extremely disturbing indications from Bush's 'new strategy' spell madness in the clearest possible terms but the Democrats have made it clear, they will adopt the role of spectator, satisfying themselves with an 'I told you so' attitude AFTER the calamitous event. The non-interventionist attitude of the Democrats confirms INCOMPETENCE as a malaise that extends throughout the entire body of government in the USA. Any government that would plunge the world into a future holocaust earns for itself the status of nuclear target - where does it end? The only two nations likely to utilise nuclear weapons today are Israel and the United States, as has clearly been indicated by Bush and his echo, Condoleezza Rice, in their recent address:
"These two regimes [Syria and Iran] are allowing terrorists and insurgents to use their territory to move in and out of Iraq. Iran is providing material support for attacks on American troops. We will disrupt the attacks on our forces. We will interrupt the flow of support from Iran and Syria. And we will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq."

In essence Bush has declared war on Syria and Iran; Zionists in Tel Aviv couldn't have scripted it better. One hanged dictator and over half a million dead civilians in Iraq apparently does not satisfy Israel's paranoia; Tel Aviv's unrealistic aspirations of survival in a region that clearly opposes the existence of a modern State of convenience now demands the most extreme (insane) 'solution' - tactical nuclear war! The notion that Muslims must be stopped from developing nuclear weapons is moot as a Muslim nation has been in possession of nuclear weapons (and delivery systems) for decades - the west would do well to understand a fundamental tenet of Islam when its existence is threatened. In view of that reality Israel's/ America's approach to solving Middle East tensions with ever increasing violent 'solutions' can only be interpreted as insanity in its purist form!

Olmert recently stated that Israel would never be the first nation to use nuclear weapons in the Middle East, well of course not, it would be the second; America has lost sight of itself while it fulfils Zionist agendas in the Middle East. The neo-con Bush administration is behaving like a demented Hitler in the last weeks of WWII - American interests are clearly NOT being served at the present time.

In the face of overwhelming opposition from the American people a non-representative Bush chooses to press on with an action that benefits no one in the long term. Loopy millennialist Christians and murderous Zionists should not be allowed to plunge the world into chaos. If the nuclear genii is released from its bottle no single nation would be able to contain it again! For those who doubt the intentions of the mad President I refer to the following statement:

"I recently ordered the deployment of an additional [aircraft] carrier strike group to the region," said Bush. "We will deploy ... Patriot [missile] air defence systems to reassure our friends and allies."

It would appear that Washington Zionists, Perle, Kissinger, and Wolfowitz have succeeded in fulfilling their insane plan of destabilising the world in order to realise the (impossible) dream of a secure Israel in the most inappropriate location imaginable. The only realistic solution is the dissolution of the State of Israel into a greater Palestine that would become an international protectorate for both Jews and Arabs alike - no other sane solution exists! The hard reality, that few would care to admit, is that the present situation is simply untenable. The STATE of Israel is intolerable to Muslims the world over and has become a source of major concern for the International community.

While China and Russia have agreed that Iran should not develop a nuclear capability they have not agreed to the use of force in the form of a nuclear strike! They are also acutely aware that allowing America to dictate international policy compromises their standing in the International community.

However, the real tragedy is the failure of the American Democrats to realise the wishes of the American majority and stop the madman from wreaking havoc on the world. Surely, the undisguised insanity of Bush and his neo-cons is evident to all?

In the face of extreme danger the niceties of political protocol become a hindrance; extreme danger calls for IMMEDIATE remedial action. The mad emperor and his looney brigade of neo-cons MUST BE APPREHENDED before they plunge the world into a nuclear chaos that would end in the most horrific disaster imaginable.


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