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Visionary Duel Challenge: crucial arts orrior v. NYM warrior

The Native Youth Movement (NYM) has been a curious, energetic motion in the last few years. They have a comic book and spout some curious militant ideas, and as well have made appearances in various canadian and u.s. indigenous-oriented actions. A year ago or so, the NYM made headlines in Earth First! and some places in Indian Country when they took a quite ideologically-challenged position against John Trudell, and *for* 'a relative' by the name of John Graham, who is wanted by many traditionalists on the Pine Ridge Rez in relation to the Anna Mae Aquash murder.This particular peice is mostly art challenging NYM creatives to a *Visionary Duel* on the topic of the quick orientation to violence and authoritarian practices, as one of (?) their comic books ("Zig Zag", which seems to be the name of the artist as well).
back cover to Orrior Comix zine, issue 1
back cover to Orrior Comix zine, issue 1
front cover
front cover
To give some background to this topic, I'll just say that I've been inspired by the ideas and praxis of John Trudell, and that once when I was helping John get his ideas around (on indy; see: www.indybay.org/newsitems/2005/04/06/17316871.php ), I suddenly found posters doing something different than the usual poo-poo behavior so prevalent in free-loving projects like this. Go see the exchanges at that link, in the comments section, and educate yourself!

More recently, I was at an anarchist infoshop when I stumbled upon "Zig Zag, Warrior Comix" by Zig Zag, who gives an email address ( nymcommunications@hotmail.com) in his/her comic book. I only took issue with one story, the first one in the 1st issue; the second issue, also called no.1, was a little better, even tho the orientation to violence remained. Not as a last-ditch effort, but fitting smoothly into the "normal" glorification of stupidity (militarized violence) in comic books.

Of course, the artist surely knows, like so many of us, that since young people are programmed to be warriors/fighters, it's *much easier* to hook their attention if you use such methods. So maybe this is Zig Zag's angle? Still, I thought he/she could use input from an angle that appears quite rare (and shouldn't). That is, the way of the "Orrior" of the CruciaL aRtz!

The primary functions of the Orrior Wayz (general):

To defend pre-colonized human nature!
To complement de-colonizing awareness & related efforts & deeply hear/see/speaque the truths of colonized beliefs, towards ongoing mutually ecstatic liberations/becoming!
To promote/foster a crucial spirit amongst all of MomEarth's beings, via creative forms of complementing (i.e. as Ken Carey outlines in _The Return of the Bird Tribes_)
To serve as a living example of the inspiration we claim to seek!
To artfully interact into our fears & general intensities as they bud --in order to jujitsu alienation & treat others as we'd love to be treated!

some resources for depth awareness:
TAZ by Hakim Bey, Bolo Bolo by P.M.; Toltec Wisdom; www.angelfire.com/psy/intheheart ; www.stopshrinks.org ; Green Peace actions; Noam Chomsky on Rollback, "A Good Education", social control ideology: chomsky.info ; Alan Cantsin and the neoists; Banksy of the u.k.; Cacaphony Society; School for Designing a Society; Native Youth Movement: wolvesnotsheep.resist.ca ; www.freewebs.com/nymsandiego/

NYM creatives are invited to engage in a creative visonary duel with me, in comix form, and may re-print my comix in their zine(s); all my art is anti-copyright (tho permission is witheld from corporate/for-profit groups).