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Bring the War Home! Activites for Activists

There are creative ways to use technology to bring the war home to the USA. Because corporate media refuses to show people what their tax money is doing to a country, a city, a people and a child, we have a responsibility to act creatively.
Technology has come a long way. In fact you could argue that we have not even caught up with the technology from 50 years ago. New technology is being employed in creative ways to bring the war home in a visceral and inexpensive manner. I'll list two examples I've seen. I bet you can create some of your own.

1. Use loud speakers to play the sounds of war in suburban neighborhoods, parks and shopping malls. Some people are doing this on the Fourth of July for added impact, but I don't see a reason to wait to use this action.

2. Use projectors to cast Iraqi war photos onto buildings, billboards, and other modern canvases. It's cheap, easy and as far as I know perfectly legal. Take a look at this site for some amazing work by a French artist using this technique.

 link to jcbourcart.com

Tivoli, New York State, 2005

La version française est
après la version anglaise.

I projected photographs of mutilated and dead Iraqis on American houses, supermarkets, churches, and parking lots. I was thinking of this new generation of kids who will be traumatized for life by growing up during wartime. It was a desperate gesture: my personal protest for the lack of interest for the non-american victims.
I found the images on the web. Some American soldiers post their own pictures on a website. They would show a cut leg with the caption: "where's da rest of my shit?" Or a blown up head with the caption: "need a hair cut" .
I could not help thinking of those images as some kind of restless ghosts that endlessly wander in the intermediate level of the web. I took care of them like a embalmer would; downloading, revamping, printing, rephotographiing, then projecting them as if I was looking for a place where they would rest in peace and at the same time haunt those who pretend not to know what was going on.

more pictures 07.Jan.2007 20:00



lots and lots and lots

Some low tech ideas 08.Jan.2007 11:38

Jody Paulson

Great idea. Its up to each and every one of us as individuals to take a stand. It's great to get together at big protests to network and meet like-minded people, but whatever you can do as an individual helps and creates a ripple effect. They can't silence us all!

Buy some toy soldiers and put tags on them that say "Bring us home!" and maybe point them to this website:  http://kommandos.blogspot.com/ . Deploy in creative areas.

Try freeway blogging. What better way to reach the masses than to display your anti-war message over America's freeways!  http://freewayblogger.com/

Carry an anti-war sign to work like Styve in Portland or me in San Francisco [  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/05/338769.shtml ]. Wear an anti-war or pro-impeachment button, tee-shirt or baseball cap. Communicate your dissent through bumper stickers. Let your voice be heard! Talk to people! Educate yourself and others! Only you can prevent dictatorships!

Visions, gifts, also cruciaL! 08.Jan.2007 13:41


Folks could easily start to articulate ourselves more creatively (instead of automatically subordinating to political specialists of whatever stripe). We could create a mobile villages of vision, visually sharing your collective gifts (wearing such lists at all times, even, depending on how fearful you feel), bringing the vibes you want to bring to the world (the most).

And while it's very important to bring the truth of others' reality out, we also must add to that our vision, our creativity spawning from our gifts for loving living in this world!

Then as war machine mind escalates (perpetually in fear of anything outside its narrow views), we all might find assistance not only in the ACLU, but also "ordinary" folks who *need* and seek authentic relations and interdependence in this world.

The severely alienated have got us hooked in being ourselves only in reduced ways. We don't have to accept this; we can begin "arting ourselves" and pivoting beyond the FEAR that everyone is conditioned with.

I think this is a serious opening, and perhaps you will join me in sharing this vision with many. I.e. Realize the value of being radically excellent with each other!


additional ideah 08.Jan.2007 13:47


How about projecting upon clouds? You know, the low flying ones. Is it possible? Then you could start doing what "1st world" nations are doing these days---making things appear as tho nature is always 100% behind attacks. Still, I myself advocate visionary images, which inspire the mutual liberation of all human beings... What these might be? Maybe caricatures of G.Bush in heaven? (heh heh) Or better yet, images which speak to the big picture instead of whichever figure head is in office!

From the artist 09.Jan.2007 07:07

You Could Be Famous

I emailed the artist to ask what was used in the projection. This is what they said...

This is a classic Kodak projector. Nothing fancy. You find them on ebay for $50. Your camera has to be on a tripod. Good luck and send me some picts if you sudcced,

Is anyone going to do this? 10.Jan.2007 12:41

I wanna help

Let us know

spot the weapons 10.Jan.2007 23:23

old one

Do you know how the weapons get overseas? Any go up I-5 or over I-84? And some must go from the Seattle or S.F. Bay areas. What about riding around behind the trucks with a sign on your car saying WEAPONS TRUCK AHEAD! EXPLOSIVES! [full disclosure: this was done in a previous war]
I like the projections on buildings; very nice. What about airraid sirens?

Urban Projection 13.Jan.2007 20:14

Joe Anybody

interesting activism
this looks like it might be helpful