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Join Oregon Farmworker Ministry, United Farmworker Union President Arturo Rodriguez, workers from Oregon's Threemile Farm, and supporters for a celebration and fundraiser.
Justice in the Fields!!
Justice in the Fields!!
Arturo Rodriguez
Arturo Rodriguez
UFW & OFWM fundraiser/celebration
Friday January 26, 2006 6:30 PM
St. Andrew's Catholic Church
806 NE Alberta
Portland OR
Oregon Farm Worker Ministry RSVP: Steve Witte 503.990.0611

Oregon Farm Worker Ministry
Linking People of Faith with the Farm Worker's Struggle for Justice

Join OFWM, United Farm Union President Arturo Rodriguez and workers from Oregon's Threemile Canyon Farm for a fundraiser/celebration to recognize the Threemile efort to negotiate the groundbreaking and biggest contract in the history of Northwest agriculture.

Next month, the UFW will begin historic negotiations with the farm following their recent card check victory.

Funds raised will support the work of both the UFW and OFWM.

Music and refreshments provided.

OFWM website: home.earthlink.net/~ofwm
United Farmworker Union: www.ufw.org

homepage: homepage: http://molotovmojada.blogspot.com