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Top Christian hate cult child porn

"Minutemen" / "Save Our State" / "National Vanguard" / "National Alliance" / Klu Klux Klan / Stormfront... They're all the same: Christian organizations whose membership is comprised of the usual Christian hate mongering pedophiles.

Neo-Nazi leader arrested on child porn charges

Jan. 5, 2007 --

Kevin Alfred Strom, a major American neo-Nazi leader for almost 20
years, was arrested by federal agents in Virginia Thursday night and
charged with possession of child pornography and witness tampering.

Court records indicate federal agents found pornographic pictures had
been on Strom's computer hard drive between October 2005 and last

Strom was also charged with trying to intimidate an unnamed witness
against him.

Strom, founder of the National Vanguard white supremacist group, took
a "leave of absence" from his post as leader of that group last July
18, citing "health and family matters."

In a statement at the time, Strom said he had "made mistakes,
sometimes serious ones," during his life, but he gave no further hint
of trouble.

Strom goes before a federal judge today for arraignment.

Born in 1956, Strom had already joined the extreme-right John Birch
Society before he finished high school.

In the late 1970s, he became a follower of William Pierce, founder of
the notorious National Alliance neo-Nazi group.

In that role, he started a radio show, and became known as the group's
second "intellectual," after Pierce, though he was attacked for an
allegedly effeminate voice and manner.

When Pierce died in 2002, Strom remained with the Alliance for a time,
but broke away to form National Vanguard after a 2005 dispute with
other Alliance leaders.

Strom's interest in young girls was well known.

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christian??! 07.Jan.2007 02:34


I'm an atheist, but I still object to taking such a lowdown swipe against Christians. How are these neonazis "Christian"??! There's a proud history of great Christian humanists. Think of Doris Day and the Catholic Worker movement. Think of Martin Luther King, Jr. Think of Sophie Scholl. Think of St. Francis of Assisi. The list goes on and on.

Christianity and racism are as inseperable as Religion and the State. 07.Jan.2007 16:25

Kid Akai

Neo-nazism is subject to a great deal of Christian ethics; Christian Fundamentalism, a kind of following of the confederate leader Stonewall Jackson and his torrent of racist horseshit is one good example, the entire onset and founding of America is another example; the first racist U.S. campaign began when the first ships sailed here under a Christian cross.
Outside of the U.S., Christianity and racism also tag along with one another, think of the original nazi movement and it's close connection to Catholosism and its being blessed by the pope. It's true that Catholosism as a whole follows whichever movement its leaders think will attain power and wealth or whichever one the new paradigm seems to back. When the black movement rose up the Catholics feared insurection and changed sides but before hand slavery was strongly condoned amongst most Christian groups. Catholosism as a whole changes with the times, they are now accepting homosexuals into the church, people call this progress but in actuality it's stupid and senseless. If a religion is capable of "streamlining" itself and leaving behind the original book than what need is there for religion? It should be disregarded, dismantled, and ripped away from the tit of the state.

These militias are a washed up version of the minutemen coming out of the civil war, they believe every foreign concept to be a direct attack on their "god given land", equal rights is a foreign concept to them.

Anyway the people you talk about are neo-Christians; a lie and total absurdity. It is good they stand for equal rights, but dump the Christian flag at least before you stand up at all.


a witness against him for what? 09.Jan.2007 12:55

C of I

He has been charged with witness tampering, yet there's no information about what case this witness is involved with, or what Strom was already being investigated for.