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PDX Protest at Pioneer Square Jan 6th

Protest War in Iraq Jan 6th High Noon at Pioneer Square
Dec. 31st, 2006 marked the day that the US GI Death Toll exceeded 3,000 individuals. To call attention to this horrible fact, a PROTEST will be held in Pioneer Square on Jan 6th at high noon. That is tomorrow. Please show up to support the anti-war movement and bring media attention to a fact that is quickly looked over in the papers and rarely talked about on the television. Force them to listen! Our goal is to have 3,000 people attend to make a visual impact representing the 3,000 American lives that have been lost in this War. Enough is enough. Contact Kayla Slovick at  rockymchair@hotmail.com for futher information.
Okay- 05.Jan.2007 18:22


I gather this is seperate from the die-in sponsered by code pink. While I will attend the die-in (after assurances that there will be no collaboration with the police from organizers) I was hoping someone would organize something less passive... after all, lying down is basically what the American public has been doing since bush little stole the first election.

So, happy to be there for the protest after the die-in, but one question-
Can you assure us that there will be no handing over of comrades to the police state?

Hate to make indymedia sound like a broken record, but seeing as to recent activity both on the site and in real life, it would be nice to see these seemingly no-need-to-be-spoken reassurances along with each post regarding an action.

One and the same 05.Jan.2007 20:09


It's a die-in for peace. Lay down at high noon to Taps and the Drum Corp. Should be impressive. Code Pink doesn't turn anyone in. Sorry I can't be there.

And then come on up a few blocks and 05.Jan.2007 22:02


protest fur at Schumacher (811 SW Morrison). Some anti-fur protesters will be at the die-in, and then head on over to Schumacher at 1, where the protest goes from 1-5 or so.

photo of banner at Pioneer Square today 06.Jan.2007 15:41

navy dad

Hopefully, there will be other pictures from todays gathering at Pioneer Square.