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Die-In tomorrow, Saturday, January 6th

In mourning for the 3,000+ US military casualties and the countless Iraqi deaths, Code Pink is sponsoring a die-in to be held this Saturday, January 6th, at noon at Pioneer Courthouse Square.
This will be a brief street theater. Plan to arrive before noon. We will have a drum corps and a bugler playing Taps. Participants are asked to lie down and simulate dead bodies for the duration of the song.

This is non-permitted, but police are aware of the action and as long as we don't have speakers or set up tables, etc, we're good to go. We will be handing out postcards to the public, addressed to congress-people, requesting defunding of the Iraq occupation.

Please wear black, dress warmly, come prepared to get a little cold and damp.

Sign up by sending an email to:  Memorial3k@yahoo.com

Sponsored by Code Pink Portland

homepage: homepage: http://codepinkportland.org

cool. 05.Jan.2007 17:09


Just to be clear, this isn't being set up by any of the "organizers" who wanted to turn people in to the police state, is it? I'm certain that it isn't, as Code Pink would likely never tolerate such behavior. But I just want to be clear. (Who would have thought any activists in this community would do such a thing! Seems safest just to make sure, considering what happened.)

I also wanted to ask- 05.Jan.2007 18:17


Is this an activist-friendly event or do I risk being handed over to the police state for, say, wearing blue jeans instead of black?

Hope to see you all there as long as someone will speak up and say these organizers will be in solidarity with all who arrive. Sorry, but I don't know code pink so won't go off assumptions.

Code Pink 06.Jan.2007 09:26


has a reputation for defending, witnessing and assisting those who decide to protest "outside the box." We don't collaborate with police and have no intention of turning anyone in.

The die in and the protest posted separately are one and the same.

thanks code pink! 06.Jan.2007 12:59


Thanks for that reassurance. I thought so, but I needed to hear it too. After... you know.

Thanks again. Good to remember there are so many allies out there, despite the Russ Hallbergs of the world thinking they are "the mainstream."