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imperialism & war wto cancun actions

Saddam's TV hanging responsible for at least 3 children hanging...

At least 3 children have died by hanging after watching Saddam hang...

Great job Amerikkka... lead by example. Our children are imitating the grown ups. Saddam's death has turned out to be another mistake, out of many the Bush administration can account for. For every parent or adult who rejoiced with Saddam's death - which did nothing to further any cause - maybe you can start thinking about your own children now and how they are going to view such brutal actions by grownups. What is the message the western so called "civilized" world is sending to its own children?

Not only was this done during Christmas, when the self proclaimed Christians are suppose to show their love for Christ and God (indeed they did, didn't they? Just like the Crusades...) but also during a Muslim holiday where forgiveness is to be the center point of it. Even under Saddam, there were no executions performed during that period, in respect of the Muslim tradition. But the new Iraqi puppet government could care less about any Muslim celebration. The strings were been pulled from Washington because Bush Junior wanted his Christmas present... he wanted Saddam dead before the New year. Great holiday spirit... I bet Jesus loved that. I am sure God was just as happy as can be.

Happy new year Amerikkka.... Proud to be a patriot still????

What else is there to say?

creating more hate 06.Jan.2007 00:27

peace rebel girl in india

here in india riots have broke out since the (alleged) execution, predomonitely in muslim majority kashmir, and in parts of U.P., where a group of young men attacked a busload of (indian) tourists. they hurled large rocks at them and made them chant pro-saddam chants. americans have been told to be on high vigilance...