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Taking back the land at Desert Rock site on the Dine (Navajo) ReZ

So yea it been crazy...so much to process, so much. This land is magical and powerful, it is aslo being stripped of its natural beauty by corporate criminals. We are going to break through the police baracade today. The police are set up at the proposed site for the Desert Rock Powerplant (it would be yet ANOTHER coal fired one).

There is so much happening for us right now...the pollution is out of control, like seriously, I have never in my life seen anything like this. It makes me sad beyond descripton. Native, Indigenous Peoples land is being desacrated by white corporate amerikkka.

The Dine (Navajo) people live around these phenemonial mountains and surrounding desert. When we were about 100 miles from the ReZ my comrades told me to look up ahead. What I seen was these huge mountains that streched from East to West, taking up most of the forefront horizon. The thing is is that I could hardly see them becasue of the smog that they were (are) covered in...I mean smog like you would expect to see in LA or NYC, not the middle of the desert in NM.
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