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Taking back the land at Desert Rock site on the Dine (Navajo) ReZ!

What is happening at Shiprock Dine Reservation pertaining to the proposed Desert Rock Powerplant site and related resistance...
So yea it been crazy...so much to process, so much. This land is magical and powerful, it is aslo being stripped of its natural beauty by corporate criminals. We are going to break through the police baracade today. The police are set up at the proposed site for the Desert Rock Powerplant (it would be yet ANOTHER coal fired one).

There is so much happening for us right now...the pollution is out of control, like seriously, I have never in my life seen anything like this. It makes me sad beyond descripton. Native, Indigenous Peoples land is being desacrated by white corporate amerikkka.

The Dine (Navajo) people live around these phenemonial mountains and surrounding desert. When we were about 100 miles from the ReZ my comrades told me to look up ahead. What I seen was these huge mountains that streched from East to West, taking up most of the forefront horizon. The thing is is that I could hardly see them becasue of the smog that they were (are) covered in...I mean smog like you would expect to see in LA or NYC, not the middle of the desert in NM.

It made me cry, and I don't really even know what to think, say or do at this point. So yea, there is so much happening and we need support, they need support. This struggle will not end until the occupation is over.

It boggles my mind how disrespectful white corportate amerikkka is...these are Native peoples living here and they are dying of cancer, their children are being born with deformed limbs and shit, their people are nihilistically drowning out their depression with alcohol and drugs...their land is polluted from the Uranium mines (Open pit uranuim mines that sit on their land), from the coal fired power plants, from the oil drilling, from the gas drilling. While driving yesterday through Kirkland NM we could smell the gas, we could smell the oil and our windows were up. The smell streched for at least 20 miles...their water is contaminated from the Mercury thanks to those powerplants that pillage their land. Not only all this but the racism is so blatent here...there is this border town called Farmington and its filled with whites who add insult to injury.

As we drive down the highway to meet up with local Indigenous activists we pick up hitchhikers...of the 8 we have picked up in the 3 days we've been here, all of them were on a booze run. Alchoholism is so prevelant here, depression, violence, internalized racism and hatred also has found its way into the ReZ. And then there is the poverty, the poverty...shit. Talk about being a priviledged white womyn. I had no idea what life was like on a ReZ, none at all. This has been a huge eye-opener for me. I stand in solidarity with these indigenous people and will fight alongside them.

There is a concert being planned at the proposed site right now with Blackfire and other hip-hop artists. We will keep ya'll posted when it gets closer. We're getting ready to do battle at the blockade now so we can write too much, but tonight there will be more posts when we get back to our home base...pass the word to all you know and stayed tuned for tonights posting.

We were there last night, we invaded their camp site, and they are waiting for our return today. We will meet them head on as warriors and protecters of Mother Earth...this is a struggle about Earth Liberation as much as its about Indigeous Peoples Rights..We will fight till the end, until they are gone. We will take back the land for our Ancestors, our Grandmothers, Ourselves, and for those yet unborn who all have a right to this land.

Our hearts are with you comrades! 05.Jan.2007 18:27

Michael b.

Our hearts are with you comrades!

Stay strong, stay free!

Here's a stand by pic for the feature: