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Native Youth Movement invades police blockade at 10:30pm

Dine` land is being put in jepordy by Sithe Global Corportation. They are planning a Coal Fired Powerplant that will contribute to the pollution on the reservation (there are already 4 on site). The Native Youth Movement is organizing resistance against this occupation. There was a confrontation with the Rez police this evening at the established blockade.
Welcome relatives, greetings from Dine`Tah "The Peoples Land." The Holy ones have blessed us with this land and we are caretakers of this sacred land. Our prophecy said to choose the corn pollen road and to walk in beauty on top of Mother Earth. If we choose to rape Her, destruction will come upon us. Since our leaders have sold us out to corporations we now have pollutions on our homeland. It's up to Native Youth Movement (NYM) to stand with the elders and youth from the land. Tonight we invaded their road blocks and showed them we will not back down from their intimadation. We drove into their camps and told them we will be having a press conference tomorrow at 11:00 am at the blockade. We want our brothers and sisters all over the world to stand with us in prayer to protect our sacred site. We ask anyone that can come and help to support us on this struggle to free the land from these predators. We will defend this land against the terrorists that invade this sacred site that we hold dear to our hearts.

Where? 05.Jan.2007 02:43

lost whity

Where is this protest?

"Navajo" 05.Jan.2007 02:58

Den Mark, Vancouver

Dine' people are often called "Navajo". Their nation covers several of what some call "states". I think most Dine' are in "Arizona", but i may be displaying my ignorance.

Location of protest 05.Jan.2007 08:06


We are located in Shiprock NM...we are about and hour away from Arizona. If anyone is interested in coming down call us at Rezz'd Out Music 888-260-4261 or Sarah White 505-860-6166. We need as many bodies as possible...come down, bring some people. Its going to be ongoing until we win, this is a fight until the very end.


North West A.I.M 06.Jan.2007 20:08

Chief of security (Tus-Kin) nativewarparty@netscape.net

greatings I am Chief of security for N.W.A.I.M if I can get a little bit more info maybe we can help and send some of our soldiers down please contact me