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Jeremy Miller speaker at rally

thanx for the support for the run to blain from Portland
check out my web site maybe we can link up and help each other out a little more/Tush-Kin thank you for your support and work we will start the planning stages soon for next years run in the Spirit Jeremy Miller a.k.a Tush-Kin www.stormloader.com/badmedecine Free Peltier !

homepage: homepage: http://www.stormloader.com/badmedecine

who? 06.Jan.2007 03:41


this looks like it's referring to something cool, but i don't know what it is

can you tell us more details? who is jeremy miller? what rally was it? what happened?


who,what,when 06.Jan.2007 19:58

Jeremy Miller/Tus-kin

I am Chief of Security of NorthWest A.I.M appointed buy Elders in our region, I am also the co founder of N.A.L.A Native American Liberation Army,hoop dancer,fancy dancer,father, founder of the annual Spirit run, I was envited to speak at the lenord Peltier rally at Blain Wa. last year in which we also provide security for every year unconditionally this site has featured the rally so I thank them for that support ,we also got support for our run inwich the run was in honor of Alvin Littlehead and to bring the awareness of Lenord Peltier as we run. The run last year was from Portland Ore. to Blain Wa. aprox. 700 miles. I hope this all better explains for people that don't know, thankyou and I hope people will attend more rallies and support the war against oppresion.
Jeremy Miller/Tusk-Kin Eagle feather