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testing, testing... Democrats ... testing, testing.. is the mic on... testing, testing

Impeach The Fascists or Divorce Amerika!

Free Cascadia!

With events happening on the Eastcoast and in SF.. maybe Cascadians should march onto Salem and Olympia demanding either impeach these fascists or divorce the federal empire!
Free Cascadia/Divorce Amerikana!
Free Cascadia/Divorce Amerikana!
well the Democrats are now sworn in.. Bush has found a way to get authority to open your private mail and Negroponte has been moved to a position within the State Department that could be a ploy to recharge the Fascist power position.

There are several rallies demanding that the "Democrats" impeach the Fascist elite... the question boils down now to are the Democrats really the saviors or liberators for democracy and social justice (dout it) or are they enablers of fascists who have systematically eroded civil rights globally and created more death and suffering in their pursuit of corporatist greed.

My question is if they (the "enabling" fascists party) does nothing to remove these ovet fascists then what? Are we prepared for starting to get the word out for "secession" or as I prefer to say "Divorce"

CKUT: BeachImpeach.org: A Call for Action on Jan. 6th
homepage:  http://www.beachimpeach.org/

Green Party Endorses January 4 Rally for Impeachment

Impeachment Watch: Lewis Lapham, 2007
 link to houseoflabor.tpmcafe.com

Voices for Impeachment:
Jan. 4, 7pm, National Press Club, Washington DC
Speakers to include Daniel Ellsberg; Cindy Sheehan; John Nichols; Michael Ratner, Center for Constitutional Rights*; Debra Sweet; & a special message from Gore Vidal

homepage: homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Cascadian_Bioregionalism/

Impeachment off the table? Then the Democrats should be off the table! 04.Jan.2007 16:39


Nancy if you do not impeach then we will need to impeach you too

Amen! 04.Jan.2007 16:51


Impeach or Secede!!! Its now or never...

Impeach or Secede????? 04.Jan.2007 22:54


if you think impeachment is going to solve the really big problems of the system, your living in a dream world.

the ruling class-- both dems and republicans-- are in a crisis they can't get out of. More war, more lies, and more repression is coming from either of the two-faced party. This needs to be realized QUICK!

Did not the Dems allow the patriot act to happen? the war? free-trade agreements? these aren't accidents people.

as profit-rates shrink globally, the war-temper of our masters comes to a boil... after the upcoming depression (even the IMF is talking about it) things will come to ahead...again.

Focusing on impeachment is terribly short sighted -- time to see the big picture.

to dex 05.Jan.2007 01:10

Ecotopian Yeti

no I do not think impeachment will even be put back on the table from the enablers of fascism (the Democrats) and if it did yes obviously there would be a change in the whole perception of what has happen, but ultimately it does not address issues that are deeper in the world.. issues of social justice and environmental destruction ... but if such a paradigm shift of impeaching these fascists happen it could be the begining of a paradigm shift for the issues we all should be focused on a daily level... issues of global climatic change, deforestation, human rights, consumer civilization and a host of others.

But I personally think that the Democrats do not have the will nor the guts to bring into question their "president and his fascist band".. I know full well that most of the Democrats enabled all this to happen and ar just as much to blame.

Ofcourse this "Impeach The Fascists or Divorce Amerika!" (note the word "Divorce") is to say its long over due to make a bioregion that is the model for how to slowdown and survive the effects of global climaic change... we need a Bioregional Cooperative Commonwealth (either Cascadia or somewhere) as a model for how a new approach to a region can effect the world.