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UFO reported at O'Hare Int'l in November

United Airlines employees report seeing a metallic, saucer-like object in the sky
NPR's All Things Considered reported on Jan. 1 a story of United Airlines employees, as many as 12, reporting that they saw a UFO above Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

The UA employees saw the UFO on Nov. 7th, Election Day, of all days. The UFO was described as a gray, metallic, saucer-like object hovering in the sky. The descriptions of its size range from 6' to 24'. The witnesses reported that when the object disappeared, it flew into clouds, but that it didn't just disappear into the clouds--it cut a path through the clouds, leaving a hole that was soon transformed by the wind.

The UA employees filed reports with their company, yet officials at the airline say they have no knowledge of the incident, and the FAA is not investigating.

The story was first reported in the Chicago Tribune by transportation reporter Jon Hilkevtich.

Having reported on this story, I'd like to share my own story of a strange sighting in the sky. On the evening of August 6th of last year, I was on my way home from work, at about 7:00 pm, riding my bike west along McGillivray Blvd., and in the sky I saw a glowing spot, a stationary glowing spot, which looked to me like a second sun, but less bright. It was actually a rectangular cloud in the SW sky, (looking west, at about 10 o'clock) but it looked like a small cloud concealing a sun, (or the full moon). The sun was in the WNW sky, so it wasn't very close to the "hot spot," as I like to call it. At least, relatively speaking, it wasn't that close.

I stopped to look at the "hot spot" and I thought: What is this, another sun?
hot spot! 04.Jan.2007 21:46


This hot spot you speak of..I've seen it too! I've seen it at night! But in this case it wasn't rectangle, it was round! The weird thing is, one night I would see it and it would be full and round, but a few days later when I saw it again it was smaller. It kept getting smaller...then it happened. I realized a weird transformation was taking place! Every few days it would appear before me at night...at different times and places. Sometimes I would see it when I was walking, or sometimes I could even see it through my bedroom window. (It went where ever I went...it started to follow me!) It kept getting smaller, and smaller, until it was eventually only a sliver! Clearly something sinister was taking place! Eventually it disappeared entirely. I have not left my house since!