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The Corvallis Counter-Recruitment Committee (CCC) and Albany Peace Seekers
will present a Truth in Military Recruitment informational meeting and
training for interested students, parents and community members on Saturday,
January 13, 2007, from 9:00 AM-noon at the Albany Mennonite Church, 3405
Kizer Avenue NE, Albany. The program is free, non-sectarian, and open to
the public.
The purpose of the meeting is to help build a Truth in Military Recruiting
presence in local high schools. Participants can learn about military
recruiters' techniques (phone calls, letters, promises), students' rights
and the law, and alternatives to military service. "We would like to
encourage all who are interested in bringing the truth to young people to
attend. Students who might be considering enlisting in the military need
this information, since the choices they make will be life-changing," says
Jeanne Raymond, CCC trainer who will be leading the program.

The CCC has had success working with the Corvallis School District,
providing all juniors and seniors with opt-out forms. These forms prevent
students' names, addresses, and phone numbers from being sent to military
recruiters. Raymond reports that CCC began its work in May 2005, and with
persistence has seen more than 75% of eligible students opt out. CCC wants
to share its success with members of other communities interested in Truth
in Military Recruitment.

Participants can register on site the morning of the meeting. For further
information, contact Kathy Griffiths at 541-967-1941 or  jkgrif@comcast.net.