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A Teachable Moment: Drawing the Lines from Gerald Ford to George W. Bush

Watching the TV news and reading the print and e-media coverage of the death and several funerals (?) for former president Gerald Ford has presented what I believe to be one of the most teachable moments in modern American history. Instead, we are treated to a highly polished act of historical whitewash. It starts with the sanitization of history that precedes the death of any past American president, when the major media prepare the official picture of the decedent's import to the office and the nation. [more]

media circus -- Hey, I am old enough to remember the deaths of several presidents, from FDR forward, and yet... The only time that I remember more than a couple of days of mention was when JFK was shot, in office. This thing has gone on for over a week, and they are just now getting round to putting him in the ground. There were several presidents in there that were ACTUALLY elected, and who actually did something positive for the country. Is my memory faulty? [more]

Gerald Ford hero or zero? -- Did I miss something? What the hell is all the "president Ford was a great blah blah" rhetoric? Watching all those republicans prancing around the body of a man who probably did this country more harm then Bush (whether knowingly or not) has is just so *insert wicked phrase here* disgusting. Ah yes, how far the conspiring right has come... They have even gone as far as to try and blame the democrats for wanting to "divide" the nation at a time when the nation needed "healing". [more]

Bury him, already! We can still count -- We are still counting the coffins returning from Iraq, and yes, HERE, we even count those who are not Amerikan. We count the innocents, the babies, the mothers, the aged, and all of those that we are so cruelly murdering in Iraq. We are also very aware of our duplicity in the deaths of so many in Darfur. So, go ahead with your dog and dead president show, just like dead Ron, this slight of media will not cover the sins of this cabal. [more]

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