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Hey, I am old enough to remember the deaths of several presidents, from FDR forward, and yet...
The only time that I remember more than a couple of days of mention was when JFK was shot, in office. This thing has gone on for over a week, and they are just now getting round to putting him in the ground. There were several presidents in there that were ACTUALLY elected, and who actually did something positive for the country. Is my memory faulty?
I mean, I understand that of course the newsotainment industry has grown all outta hand, but don't Britney's blackouts and Tom's indiscretions, and Jennifer's what ever rate more coverage than the multi funerals of a very mediocre guy (at best) who happened to be considered by most hacks at the time to be innocuous to fill a vacancy?
Now that the cat's out of the bag, and we all managed to learn when the 3000th troop died, can we move on?
Is it Tomorow Yet? 04.Jan.2007 00:19


It's sort of fitting that this blank outline that was called "president", installed to deliver "The Pardon" then left to keep the seat warm, minded by Cheney and Rumsfeld, while US foreign and domestic policy cruised on under the authority and direction of the others for a while should have a spectacle--I hesitate to call it a funeral, it's been so much more--paralleling the movie "Ground Hog Day".

Truely, from waking up each day, then grabbing fragments from recycled state media broadcasts at all hours and feeling as if in a time loop. What day is it? It's the same "decency and honesty" speech clip from the platoon of political capos bending to the opportunity to wipe the shit of their boots and by association, distract from their scurilous records. Not so much elevating Ford as displaying their own "values", and thereby get another wack at buffing up their "legacies", extolling the importance of the office in the abstract, leaving it to the gazing herd to extend the association to the person of the eulogizer.

Hearing the same wheezy unartful, abruptly turned on then turned off background snippet of the middle of some march or straining yelps of a screaming soprano, the same prepared "news" item read by the same studio automaton, the same twangy "commoner" sound bite about "...worth waiting in line...", "Why am I here? Uh, never knew who he was, I guess, but...uh...wanted to be part of history, I guess..."

It feels like "yesterday", just as it did, well...yesterday..and the day before that!

The remains were probably intered a while ago, and this has all been performed around an empty casket.