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Interview With Radical Elder: Anarchist John Zerzan

JZ: Given the failure of the Left to address reality, new sources - such as indigenous wisdom - are needed for sustenance and inspiration. The acceptance of mass production, mass society, mass culture, mass consumption is unacceptable; instead we need visions and critiques that refuse the industrial techno-culture and its suicidal trajectory.

Green anarchy/anti-civilization/primitivism poses questions that undermine the ensemble of institutions too long simply accepted without judgment. What has passed for opposition or resistance has largely gone along with what is questioning mainly only who is in charge in lieu of interrogating and opposing the components of this dismal present.

Zerzan will be in Portland, Oregon this Friday, January 5 at 7 PM
Laughing Horse Books, located at 10 NE 12th St.
John Zerzan
John Zerzan
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