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Student-run infoshop opens

Earlier this month, a student-run non-profit infoshop celebrated its grand opening at The Evergreen State College (TESC) in Olympia, Washington. Using the guise of a state funded student group, volunteers of The Evergreen Infoshoppe were allotted over $4,000 to purchase radical books, zines, and videos for their lending library and resource center.

After only a few weeks of planning, the Infoshoppe now hosts an ever-growing collection in a permanent, centrally located and nearly autonomous location. The opening party was just one event in a string of successes for the Infoshoppe. The 40+ attendees at the opening were able to browse and checkout zines and books from the shoppe's collection while listening to music and partaking in a zine making workshop. The Evergreen Infoshoppe has also received generous donations from such distros as Microcosm Publishing and Eberhardt Press

Plans for the coming quarters include maintaining free zine making supplies and photocopies, stencil and wheat pasting materials, wall space for student art and a community calendar, as well as hosting guest speakers and artists. The success of The Evergreen Infoshoppe sets a strong example for "radical" students wishing to enlighten and inform their peers. Likely, something similar can be formed at any college or university that funds student groups. Still settling in and creating a presence on campus, The Evergreen Infoshoppe is glad to accept any and all donations, misprints, overstock, damaged goods, posters, etc. to add to its budding collection.

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