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Vancouver WA re: Deaths In Iraq

Protesting 3000 u.s. military deaths, hundreds of "coalition" deaths, ..... & deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women, & children.
Vancouver For Peace calls out to Vancouver, Clark County, SW Washington, & people wherever. We'll visit congressional offices Tuesday, the 2nd, at 3pm, then peacefully street-vigil from 4-6pm, with signs mourning all deaths related to war crimes of bush & congress & news media & complicit americans & allies.

Will you also be protesting the others? 31.Dec.2006 16:54


Great to hear that there is some organizing going on against the war. But... please remember the 100s of thousands of people who died there who were not US soldiers.

yes 31.Dec.2006 16:58


according to the original post, the vigil will be 'mourning all deaths' from the war crimes of bush, et al.

i would say that includes the many, many thousands of iraqi and afghan and other civilians killed...

Definitely 31.Dec.2006 17:33

Den Mark, Vancouver

VFP has for years publicly mourned Iraqi dead & will continue to do so, as i said in my notice. Thanks for being vigilant, tho.

Vancouver, you rock 31.Dec.2006 18:13


Den Mark, I am always glad to read your posts about the activities over there, in Vancouver. If I were half as motivated as you, I would have driven the sixty miles to be there, as you have always been there for us in our pursuit of justice for Fouad Kaady and others. Thank you for keeping up the fight.

Sounds good, but... 31.Dec.2006 19:24


I believe that all of the congressional offices will be closed on Tuesday for "Remember the guy who pardoned Nixon" Day. Bush made it a federal holiday.

Probably Right 31.Dec.2006 20:29

Den Mark, Vancouver

Thanks. You're probably right. We did an advance call-out weeks ago, before Ford died, & the fed day-off hadn't clicked with us yet. Maybe some staff will be there anyway, because of the start of the "new & improved" 110th congress. Or maybe we'll just leave stuff on their porch. Or maybe we'll go back on Wednesday.

Hi, LN!

Now this is an action I could support. 31.Dec.2006 22:21


Thanks, Den Mark, for being out there for real, and for never once threatening to turn in comrades. You rock.