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3,000 finally admitted

3,000 troops have been killed in the Iraq war. It is finally official.
Various sources had already stated that 3,000 American troops have been killed in this senseless war, but now that it is on Google, I guess it is official. Television is crowded with scenes of the 'one' coffin that apparently matters to this administration, so news of the Texan soldier who became number 3,000 in Iraq has not hit the small screen as yet. While cameras are rolling in the rotunda, people are still dying in Iraq.
die in 31.Dec.2006 15:38


so, if you're outraged like I am, join us at pioneer courthouse square next saturday, january 6, at noon to stage a die in. Code Pink is hoping to create a mass visual image of the terrible loss of life. Come lie down with us and bring your friends.

Protest the war of lies and don't "move along" 31.Dec.2006 16:28

Joe Rowe

I'm going to call and email friends and invite them.

If we are on the sidewalk the police can't tell us what to do. They can't issue tickets for "disorderly conduct" or "failure to obey".

I'm going to call Mayor Potter and the Chief of Police and warn them they better not try to "restrict" our freedom to assemble using any of their old tricks that have been rulled illegle in the highest oregon courts of law.

Peace, Bring it on.

see the court cases on the link below