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3000 KIA's

The Iraqi death toll for US troops hits 3000
Just in time for the New Years' festivities, the 3000th US KIA is record in Iraq.
December 2006 has been the third deadliest toward our troops since the start of the invasion/occupation.


DIE-IN WAR PROTEST 31.Dec.2006 12:25


Anti-war activists are planning a dramatic demonstration to mark the death toll in Iraq. Organizers hope to have at least 200 people "at Pioneer Square at noon on the Saturday after the US military death toll in Iraq reaches 3,000," wearing black and playing dead.

"Unless a miracle happens we'll reach the 3,000 mark within about a week," one organizer emailed supporters on Tuesday, December 26—the day the death toll hit 2,979 confirmed deaths.

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Where's the outrage? 31.Dec.2006 12:43

Jody Paulson

I was listening to the radio most of the morning (including NPR news) and no one mentioned it. CNN.com doesn't mention it on the front pages. As a matter of fact, significantly more Americans are dead as the result of this war but because they died in German hospitals or after they were transferred from Iraq they aren't counted on the official roles. God knows how many will succumb to depleted uranium illnesses. We will be facing the consequences of this cock-up for decades to come.

Meanwhile, what we DO hear on the news is how much of a "healer" Gerry Ford was for sweeping Watergate under the carpet. Look at the people involved in his administration -- Cheney, Rumsfeld ...

I think a full Watergate investigation may have gotten to the heart of the whole "Bay of Pigs thing" Nixon mentioned on the tapes, which would have gotten to the heart of the whole Kennedy assasination, which would have precluded this whole stinking Bush fiasco we're facing right now. How many more hundreds of thousands need to die???

Demand investigations as if your life depended on it, because it does.

aGAINnnnnn.... 31.Dec.2006 14:07


Shit. I keep saying this, and at some point, someone will hear.

It is insultingly racist to acknowledge the cost of this war in terms of 3000 American lives, without even mentioning the fact that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people have died. Hundreds of thousands. And unlike the US soldiers, the Iraqi civilians were defending their homes, families, and neighborhoods at the time. That, or simply playing in the streets or sleeping in their beds or saying vows at their weddings or eating breakfast or.... They were not invading someone else's country, as the US soldiers were doing.

If this has been some political decision, this highlighting of "our troops" while ignoring the real price that the people of Iraq have paid for this stupid war, then it has been a cold and alienating decision. The people of Iraq matter every bit as much as every single US soldier. At least as much.

Maybe whatever "festivities" go on tomorrow can at least acknowledge that.

Amen, CatWoman 31.Dec.2006 14:39

Eth Nocentrist

Yep, As long as Amerikans continue to believe that they are the great white way, and that only the deaths of those whom we have wrongly convinced to go murder and pillage in other lands matter, we will be the great satan.
Collateral damage is not a term that should ever be allowed to stand upon it's own, when referring to the innocent dead.
When you pick up a rifle, and go trucking off into someone else's neighborhood, you should be counting upon someone being killed. The fact that that someone may just be you should be foremost in your mind, and I lose very little sleep over the fact that instead of killing, you were the "victim." Live by the claw...

The 3,000 number is low 31.Dec.2006 15:13

Fred Bauer

Remember way back just after the invasion when all the Bushites were patting each other on the back, gloating over the fact that only about a hundred were killed instead of the thousands that the sissy peacenics predicted? (Divine intervention?)

Then in the months that followed the invasion, the many reports of "non combat related deaths" attributable to "traffic accidents". Remember the stories about how Iraq was no more dangerous than say, California? (Statistically speaking)

Then it was "Those crazy Arabs don't know how to drive" and "Those young GIs drive kind of wild." (Maybe drink a little beer)

Then it came out that these "traffic accidents" were actually the result of "Improvised Explosive Devices" planted along the roads (by terrorists of course).

Remember the huge explosion that flattened Forward Base Falcon and lit up Baghdad when all the stored munitions went up? That would have certainly killed scores. Where are the reports?

Steady 31.Dec.2006 15:19


I am disgusted at the liberal mindset that has waited months for the (truly arbitrary) 3000 mark in order to use it to try and gain a bit of press in an otherwise timid critique of the war costs.

Thanks Catwoman, but I do need to mention, it is not hundreds of thousands. If you include 91's Desert Storm, and the 12 years of sanctions that followed, the total of Iraqi dead is about 1.5 MILLION.

Estimates point to another 1-2 million that will die due to depleted uranium poisoning. The cost to the Iraqi society, to the futures of those still alive, education, physical/mental health, environmental are impossible to tally. We are talking Holocaust or Genocide or other such term to describe what the US has done.

they all volunteered 31.Dec.2006 17:20

trust the government

p.s. they all volunteered-----and bought the bullshit.