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Bury him, already! We can still count

Hey, "Main Stream Media", you are being used, again! While you are blindly following the que of Washington, with your continuing eulogizing of a mediocre (at best, criminal at worst) unelected President,
We are still counting the coffins returning from Iraq, and yes, HERE, we even count those who are not Amerikan. We count the innocents, the babies, the mothers, the aged, and all of those that we are so cruelly murdering in Iraq. We are also very aware of our duplicity in the deaths of so many in Darfur.
So, go ahead with your dog and dead president show, just like dead Ron, this slight of media will not cover the sins of this cabal.
What you SHOULD be covering is the death of Sadaam, the tyrant. You should be showing what happens to those who do not listen to the will of the people, and who continue to commit war crimes. Instead, it is all Ford, all the time, twenty four hours a day. Go ahead, bury him, and your head, in the soil of the Great Lakes.
We will keep the count for you.
At Least His Funeral Was More Accessible Than St. Reagan's 31.Dec.2006 13:22

North Portlander

Now we can except to pay for yet another Presidential library. I admit I like Betty Ford and the good she has done but as far as GF goes, we'd have done just as well with a Muppet.

Saddam the tyrant 31.Dec.2006 23:08

Jess me

Saddam was our CIA leash for the region like the late ( but not late enough by a long shot ) Shaw of Iran.
The bastards that hired them are still loose like snakes in the pond..
Oh that's right you don't have watermoccasins in Oregon, but you get the picture.

thank you 01.Jan.2007 20:25


thank you. I am so tired of hearing about this guy that Fox news anchors actually tried to say was saintly! not kidding. So tired of hearing about him, so so tired.