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Dishonest about climate change? youbetcha

Another warm year in the Twin Cities with nothing said or done about climate change.
The average air temperature in the Twin Cities in 2006 will be in the top three warmest years of record.

The temperature record for the Twin Cities is 116 years (1891 to 2006).

Six of the ten warmest years of record occurred in the last 20 years.

Meteorologists, government managers and politicians continue to say and do nothing about climate change in Minnesota and global warming.

Why are these people being dishonest or irresponsible about climate change in Minnesota? We all know it's happening.


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Annual temperature at Minneapolis/St.Paul from 1820 to 2006 31.Dec.2006 10:02

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The 2006 mean temperature equals 49.3 degrees F (preliminary).
Annual temperatures have been above average for the last 10 years (1997-2006) consecutively.

Annual temperature at Minneapolis/St.Paul
Annual temperature at Minneapolis/St.Paul