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Was it like old times when 2 butchers met in Baghdad?

In view of the recent demise of 2 warlords whose policies killed tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, it may be appropos to recall the April, 2005 meeting between Warlord 'Rumps-felt' and an old ally, Saddam Hussein...
In front of an embedded corporate bin-Laden U.S. media, the Pentagon Warlord performed the typical photo-op of handing out Purpuple Heart medals to the injured soldiers from the Invading Force. But several independent sources also confirmed that the American Secretary of War also held a secret mmeting with an ex-ally, Saddam Hussein, once the dictator of Iraq but now--in April of 2005--a mere trophy prisoner of the Evil Empire.

The World will never know what the 2 old acquaintances chatted about in private. Perhaps they reminisced about their countries' decade-old co-operation in fighting off the Iranian mullahs. More cryptically, they were likely just "passing gas" about the hapless Kurds who were caught in the "fog of war" at Halabja.

However, an Egyptian magazine managed to report on the purported meeting minutes of the tryst between the 2 "Butchers of Baghdad"(both warlords were responsible for causing tens of thousands of civilian deaths during the 22-year interval between their meetings). The American Warlord--because of the fiasco of the USA Imperial Invasion/Occupation--offered Saddam amnesty in return for his calling off his Baathist army of resisters. But Saddam refused to go along. (In any case, the U.S. Occupiers failed to see that the powerful Iraqi Resistance is now a true "coalition of the willing" citizen fighters from various ethnic & religious lines, bravely defending their homeland. So even if Saddam had acceded to the american demand, that would have little effect on the actual level of the Resistance attacks on U.S. Invaders!)

In any case, the disappointed Don(increasingly seen around the world as a Paper Tiger)has now sneaked back to Washington to report to the slimy Halliburton Dick, the real power behind the pipsqueak Pretzel). So look out for more hare-brained "Exit Strategy" schemes coming from the White House HQ of State-sponsored Terrorism.