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Chained dogs

A friend of mine lives with her mother and step father in a condo near Scott park. About three months ago her neighbors got a young, maybe six month old pit bull- Labrador mix. Both breeds I have known to be friendly, but I'm well aware that the owners shape a dog, like parents shape their children. These people had no contact with the puppy, they put it in a small dog run, meant for a much smaller breed. Because it had food and water animal control paid no attention to the it, despite the fact that it lived in its own waste and never got out of the cage. After a month it began to cry. It cried 24/7 and after two complaints and threats to report the noise the people tied a wire around the puppies mouth to keep it from crying. We saw this as another opportunity to call the spca or Animal control, but once again they came out and warned them, the owners changed to rope instead,but they never came out to check on the dog again. After two months it seemed that the dog, just a puppy was showing signs of being traumatized.
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