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After months and years of paying their union for protection from the scrutiny of drug test, the Oxy Cottin Crew has finally agreed to a low level of drug testing. They didn't go as far as agreeing to random testing, but our boys in green will soon be required to test for both legal and perscription drug presence in their systems.
After months and years of paying their union for protection from the scrutiny of drug test, the Oxy Cottin Crew has finally agreed to a low level of drug testing. They didn't go as far as agreeing to random testing, but our boys in green will soon be required to test for both legal and perscription drug presence in their systems. Unbelivable as it may seem, these public servants we pay to protect us from drug crime and educate the public about the dangers of drugs have escaped all accountibility over the years for their own abuses and the sleepy, conservative residents of Clackamas County have always allowed their masters this luxury. Only now that two deputies have been convicted of going on extended oxy cottin crime sprees, can the public expect a small measure of comfort that the newly tested deputies responding to their calls won't be full blown drug addict criminals themselve's. My guess is that the other reason for this sudden change of heart is that the county wishes to put on it's best face for the upcoming wrongful death suit which famed attorney Gerry Spence will try in federal court for the murder of Fouad Kaddy by a Sandy cop and a Clackamas County deputy. Most of us following this tragic case are hoping that even the most brain dead residents of our county will wake up to the fact that our sheriff's department has been one of the most out of control and unacountable departments in existence and that their shortcomings have cost our county dearly both financially and socially. Through the help of the media with very slick scare tactics employed, Craig Roberts recently won his bid for a new public safety levy. He is now looking to hire new deputies claiming his department is a modern, progressive, and diversified law enforcemet unit.
Currently, nothing could be further from the truth, and we can only hope that as the truth comes out about this backwards, racsist, violent, drug affected agency that Sheriff Roberts does take some serious action towards reform.
Portland Police should be checked for steriod abuse 30.Dec.2006 20:45


Portland Police have no mandatory drug testing.

Rumor on the street is to drink 2 liters of Coke before testing... 31.Dec.2006 07:19

Pravda or Consequences

If drug use (lets not quibble about type or threshold - another topic) is present in all human organizations, I guess even our Federal government is not immune.

The fascists just can't seem to reconcile their own "impurity" as a statistical given.

If they would just come to understand these "failings" as clinical events not sinister crimes.

Thank God For Small Favors 31.Dec.2006 08:08


The fact that those charged with enforcing drug laws have escaped accountibility for so long is surely one of those absurd facts that history will regard as evidence that few people payed attention to what their government was doing at this time. Although we now know that our government and the DEA in particular are more responsible than anyone else for the presence of meth in our communities, we continue to allow them to manage poorly thought out drug programs that lie to our children and maintain a presence in our communities. Our government is still telling the same lies about law enforcement being the line between a healthy community and drugs as they always have.. As aldults we all realize what folly this is and that cops are as suseptable to drug abuse as anyone else is. While we inch our way towards a total police state ran by facsist authoritarians, our societies drug problems persist.
Lots of people benefit from this failed drug war but the same problems still persist. Clackamas County recieves countless dollars from the feds each year to fight drugs but there is no evidence that they are gaining ground. In fact, I believe that an honest accounting would show that drug siezures have went way down per dollar spent on enforcement over the last several years, and that we suffer more drug crime now than we did before we began getting all this new fedral drug money. I am convinced that it is all about organized crime, and theft of tax dollars. I think the next big step for those of us interested in fighting the real crime in our community is going to be a full accounting of all the drug money being spent in Clackamas County, both federal and local.

Our local grant seeking, tax spending, anti drug coalition on Mt. Hood has spent huge sums of money on propping up local law enforcement with advertising and empty propaganda, at the same time that we have had drug addict deputies out robbing banks and drug stores. The members of Mt. Hood Coalition Against Drug Crime like to get together with the cops and politicians that accept huge sums of money from the pharmeceutical companies at election time, and have lavish dinners and balls at the local resort where they congratulate themselves on their acomplishments and a job well done. Meanwhile, our community suffers from the same drug related problems. From my point of view the main benefactors in our local war on drugs have been the Resort At The Mountain where these glad handers meet, the few people that recieve and administer the grant money, and the real estate hoars that steel siezed & distressed property. Now that we have suceeded in forcing our local deputies into drug testing, I believe our next big task is a full and complete accounting of all the money that has been spent by Mt. Hood Coalition, and Clackamas County on drug enforcement over the last five years. I have a feeling that if we get to the bottom of this one there may be some officials and citizens going to jail.

Agreed About Portland 31.Dec.2006 08:24

Den Mark, Vancouver

There is NO question in my mind that a few cops in Portland have been & are on steroids. After decades of weight-training, i recognize signs of a juicer. With many cases of police drug-abuse across the country, it's irrational for there to not be mandatory testing in Portland. I was recently in Honolulu, where a couple teachers had smoked a joint off campus (but in public), & cops were quick to cite them, & now the district there is considering mandatory drug-testing of all teachers. Anyone who engages in enforcing laws should be subject to them, in the strictest possible way, including testing. But it would appear that some cops are good at enforcing laws, even stupendously stupid ones, but not so good at obeying them. So how 'bout setting an example, PPB!

Great news, great article 02.Jan.2007 20:32

Madam Hatter

This is great news poidog, thanks for reporting it. I'm curious, under what circumstances will they be tested? How about after use-of-force incidents?

ABOVE THE LAW 06.Jan.2007 07:11

LEE (gresham, oregon) harlowleroy@hotmail.com

why are the police affraid to test?? my conclusion is guilty of illegal drug use... there is no other exceptable explenation or answer, except that their guilty of breaking the law and are extremely affraid of going to jail... they should lead by example and be begging to show their upholding the law... hell the rest of america gets ua's randomly... they dont care about anything... i should know. i was unlawfully detained and incarcerated by them... all it would have taken was a fifteen minute phone call to multnomah county.. another person was haveing the same problem, he was there longer... they have been doing what they want to who ever they want when they want way to long... and dont even seem to care who they hurt... their guilty in my opion of drug use and numerous other crimes.. it shows in their actions and responses to the testing.. actions speak louder than words deputies remember that!!!! your not above the law