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January 1st Human Chain Event on the Steel Bridge Noon to 2pm

Correct Information about this Event
There have been mis-representations about our Human Chain event on January 1st on the Steel Bridge. We're hoping for good weather and a large turn out. We're nearing the 3,000 total of US military lives lost in this war. We have a new congress and an administration that has broken the law and violated the constitution. This demonstration will express our hope for peace, for bringing the troops home immediately and for the Bush administration to be brought to justice. For more information, contact
Joan at 503/235-2572
Not a misrepresentation 29.Dec.2006 23:21


You organizer(s) have stated you will be complicit in the suppression of civil disobedience. No mirespresentation there.

Have fun; that's about all it's worth, if that.

No Thnx 30.Dec.2006 00:05


Snitching on fellow activist is not for me or my kids..

I read the earlier posting and comments about this action and the only thing that comes to mind right now is it cracked me up..

Personally I'm not into confrontation with the cops but I have nothing but respect for those who stand up for our rights... .

Understood 30.Dec.2006 07:03

to E

I am also not out to start a confrontation with anyone when I take my flag and stand for an end to this senseless war. To be honest, I was actually surprised when the police began to bear down on us as we exercised our right to free speech. Those who stood against the oppression are the ones I intend to stand with in the coming years. I am sure that many of the people who will join this human chain have no idea about what the organizers have said about turning "troublemakers" over to authorities and letting them "rot in jail". Those of us who have followed the postings do not plan on being part of the charade. Think about it. If the authorities ALLOW an event, isn't it already undermined? It is when people struggle that real progress is made.

Humans in Chains 30.Dec.2006 07:04


It wouldn't surprise me to see a bunch of neo-con globalist operatives create a ruckus. Then the cops will have their excuse to give these do-gooder West Hills yuppie librals something to think about before they consider speaking out against "official" policy. One slap on the wrist will send them flying back to their West Hills rat holes, tail between the legs. Yes, I think this has a high probability of a planned honey pot event, that is, a trap.

Feel good parades are harmful to little children 30.Dec.2006 07:41


I formerly believed, as do so many wide eyed liberals, that by joining these wonderful little under reported events, and standing to be counted, was somehow productive. That being among like minded, peace loving "individuals," I was somehow making a statement that the masters would hear and obey. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!
To form your lil' daisy chain about town (I do hope that you have "permission" from the oppressors?) is to lend an air of legitimacy to the cabal that has quietly siezed control of "your" government. To then also aid and abet the agents of this tyranical cabal then makes you one of the oppressors.
If, to feel good about yourself, you must gather with a bunch of clueless, well meaning folks, and toss flowers on the troops, at least PLEASE do not further taint yourselves by assisting the fascist state in arresting the REAL dissenters. THEY ARE THE PATRIOTS, you are the gentry.

i can't resist 30.Dec.2006 08:30

reposting this earlier post

And I can't resist... 30.Dec.2006 08:47


Count me out! 30.Dec.2006 09:02


I'm not about to support an event where the organizers admit they will assist the police in identifying and testifying against fellow protestors.

If you all recall, the ONLY "illegal" thing that happened on Oct 5 was deviation from the "permitted" route. There was no spray painting, turned over cans, broken windows, assaults on cops. No one even sat down and blocked traffic. The "runaway" march kept moving UNTIL the cops blocked/trapped everyone.
Then the police assaulted participants in many violent ways.

Have the "organizers" of Oct 5 filed complaints against the police for their actions? No.
Are they going to testify for "The 10"? No.
Have they spoken out about the totally inordinate behavior of the cops? No.

In effect, the "organizers" feel cracked heads, shooting, trampling, tear gassing, etc. is a proper response to those who just want to walk in the street for a few extra minutes.

It is clear the organizers of Oct 5 have not changed their ways.
Unless you are a "Ghandi Zombie", you risk your life.

Right On! 30.Dec.2006 10:31


LN, your points are so right on!

I, too, was once a parade patsy.


hey joan 30.Dec.2006 12:13

did you organize legal observers for this event?

or are the phd's trained to handle anything? all these professionals know each other, I guess..

well maybe the police will give you all a different kind of special handling then the rest of us get. that is completely possible.

hey joan, have you ever heard of racial profiling? if those people could just behave, then the cops would leave them alone right? why do they bring this on to themselves by driving cars and congragating? they should have to get permits, yes?

where? 30.Dec.2006 16:50


I'm from out of town.
Where is the steel bridge?