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Why I breed Pit Bull Terriers

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a completely misunderstood breed.
The American Pit Bull Terrier is a completely misunderstood breed. I DO NOT sell the animals but give them away to low-income households that desperately need a wonderful pet. My co worker told me about this web site and I was surprised to see so many positive comments about Pits. I live in an apartment with 4 adult female dogs and 6 adorable puppies. In fact many of the families in my complex have Pit Bulls and while there have been a few attacks on children; I am convinced that this behavior was undoubtedly provoked.

Pit Bulls need a lot of exercise and just LOVE to go on walks. Three of my adult dogs are expecting and one is almost old enough to breed. Please keep an open mind and if you are considering getting a dog I truly recommend a Pit Bull.


Um, I love pit bulls but... 29.Dec.2006 23:39


Why on earth are you breeding them?

I am happy to hear that you're not selling them. Selling living beings is gross. But... why are you breeding dogs when there are SO many homeless ones? Especially homeless pit bulls, who are misunderstood and maligned in society to the point where too many never find homes. The rescue shelters are full. Please consider helping to adopt these out, rather than breeding more.

Also, not sure what you mean when you say "while there have been a few attacks on children; I am convinced that this behavior was undoubtedly provoked." Yikes! Several pits live with me, and none have ever attacked anyone. In fact, that sort of behavior is actually very rare in pits, contrary to stereotype, and is more likely to occur in other breeds. Pits can sometimes be aggressive toward other dogs, but almost never toward humans. If you have some that are attacking people, for God's sake, you'd better figure out what the problem is and solve it! You can't just blame children for being bitten by a dog. Shit!

Pit bulls are beautiful, loving, intelligent dogs who do not deserve the bad rap they have gotten. Good to hear you appreciate them, but if you are breeding them, allowing really bad behavior from them, and making excuses for that behavior by blaming children, then you really aren't doing them any favors.

Stop Breeding 30.Dec.2006 08:47


All breeds are mutations. Please stop breeding. Instead, save an animal from the death machine. What we don't see is daily hell for abandoned animals whose final reward is death. Open your eyes and do something that helps.

2 many pitbull 30.Dec.2006 09:58


some concerns were raised about pitbulls, etc but now on portland indymedia weekly pitbull postings are the norm - try a dog blog

doggies 31.Dec.2006 01:31


Breeding dogs is unneccesary when there are tons of dogs (especially pit bulls) in shelters who need homes!

A Numbers Game 31.Dec.2006 13:35


It's great that you're not selling the dogs but finding great homes for great dogs. But I really wish you'd choose to save lives instead of breeding - foster animals from shelters who NEED homes, instead of bringing more dogs in. Millions of dogs are put to sleep every year in this country. Let's save some lives.

Things to Think About 31.Dec.2006 14:31


I must agree with those who counsel NOT breeding more. This area is already saturated with APBT and APBT mixes in need of rehoming or rescue. If you must place dogs it is not advisable to give them away. People value anything in proportion to what they pay for it; this is especially important when you consider that the "thing" being sold is a living being that may require an average of 12 years of care and supervision. Secondly, if someone can't afford the price of a companion animal, will they be able to afford to feed, exercise, train and care adequately for its needs?

I have lived with bull breeds for over 30 years and have also been involved in rescue so I know what I am talking about.

how sweet 31.Dec.2006 18:17


Don't unload any of those pit bulls around here. That's one of the sickest plans I've heard in a long time.

Try giving low income families some food or something.

a busy home 01.Jan.2007 21:15


ahh 10 dogs in an apartment, how ...uh quaint. did the original post actually say "and while there have been a few attacks on children; I am convinced that this behavior was undoubtedly provoked" this is the problem with pit owners ..they don't get it. Attacks happen! just happened again in the UK. AGAIN another child killed with the owners saying "it never did that before, insert "Yuk Yuk" in idiotic voice. They have been inbreed for one purpose only. to fight. No matter what you might want to think, the inbreeding these dogs have gone through, that you are purpetuating, has been to bring about certain traits and character behaviors. Yes most are good dogs and owners bring about behaviors and blah blah blah, but they are fighting dogs, born and breed. Pit owners go somewhere else for your pro pit propaganda, stop spamming indymedia, we get what you are trying to say, love your dogs, but leave us the hell alone.

pits 02.Jan.2007 13:21


there are so many pits who need homes. why breed more? how can your afford it?????

precious pits 05.Jan.2007 11:31


you are selfish to breed these dogs. there are so many now without homes. How do you know that your puppies won't end up at the animal shelter? or used for bait .you don't know what will happen to them. You are very ignornat if you really think you are doing the right thing.

Pit bulls 06.Jan.2007 14:12


hey, dude breeding pits. You are a idiot. Don't you look around and see all the pits that are put to sleep everyday. did you also know that you are supose to have a breeders licence in order to breed dogs???????????? you are a moron!@!!!

no more breeding! 12.Jan.2007 16:38

NYC Bully Lover

Any visit to a rescue website will show you: There are more pit bulls in shelters than any other breed. To intentionally bring more into this world isn't just stupid, it's criminal. Dear God, this breaks my heart.

And as someone pointed out, the cost of an animal is nothing compared to the unavoidable cost of necessary veterinary care and food. My dog cost me more than his price in the first visit to the emergency hospital.

No more breeding! There are plenty of dogs already! More than can be loved and cared for! Beautiful dogs are being killed every day!

Great Pit Bull 20.Jan.2007 13:31

Andrea wigglenose@comcast.net

To Author of Why I breed Pit Bulls.

Hi my name is Smokie, I have a wonderful owner, but she is unable to keep me any longer. I am two years old, a Blue Nose Pit, my colors are grey and white and I have been neutered. I am also housebroken. All medical records are available. I am a very rare breed. I can sit, lay down and roll over. I love to go on walks, I have a lot of love to share with someone who will really love me back. If you know of someone please contact my owner @ 503.929.6954

If you have the time, so do I. I will give you nothing but unconditional love.

Big jaws big hearts! 20.Jan.2007 13:49

Scott Iverson.

I have owned pits for 12 years.they are the most loyal,And the most misunderstood. Folks who arent dog lovers do the most damage to this wonderfull breed.Remember bull terriers (pit bulls) were used in world war two to smell out german spys. They also alert troops to explosive bombs,and keep are property safe!(a poodle is no match for a gunman who wants your new plasma tv!)iMMAGRANTS ARE SCARED OF DOGS BECAUSE THEY TREAT THEM SO POORLY AND AS A RESULT THEY BECOME MEAN.Remember a dog with a big jaw has a big heart, God damn the man who uses these dogs for the wrong reason!

A very sick person 01.Feb.2007 20:06


Andy, you're a fraud as was proven by your more recent post. Get a life for yourself and stop seeking negative attention from total strangers. YOU are a very sick puppy.

apbt lover 02.May.2007 00:19


pitbulls are a very unique breed. As much as I enjoy the dogs I am aware that people are more important. Aggressive behaivour towards people should not be tolerated. If u want a gaurd dog that is vigilant, quick, and more than happy to put teeth to human flesh, please buy a rotty, germ shep etc. Pit bulls (well bred ones at least) are naturally friendly with people. AS 4 the overabundance of Pit bulls, I tottally agree. People who are breeding to make a profit are completely missing the point. The only good reason 4 breeding is if u believe u r improving, or at least maintaining the high standards of the greatest breed 2 walk the earth.