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New Year’s Day on the Steel Bridge

Can't make it to DC for thehuge Jan. 4 demonstration sending a message to Congress on its opening day?
You can send the same views to our folk in Congress in this family friendly version in PDX from noon to 2 p.m. Send your message about peace, or impeachment, or immediate Iraq exit.
Come to the Steel bridge and its bridgeheads New Years Day from NOON to 2 p.m for a peace-related, family-oriented protest demonstration. Be in place on the bridge at 1 o'clock.

It's a hand-held human chain so signs—Iraq exit, peace, impeachment, 3000 KIAs—will have to be worn on jackets or hats. Bring water. Wear warm, rain-proof clothes. Make sure kids "go" before the event because there won't be any porta-potties.

It's uncomplicated. No speeches. No chants. Maybe a song or two everyone (of all ages) knows. Event is initiated by the South Side DFA MeetUp group, and endorsed by the PPRC.

Further info: 503-317-2129 or 503-235-2572

I'm sure everyone already knows 29.Dec.2006 17:10

but just in case

what if 29.Dec.2006 17:12


what if i want to show up with a sign that says whatever i want it to say
and i dont hang it on me and i just carry it around on a stick
and i dont hold hands and i dont take orders from anyone
and i am peacefull
will i be turned in to the police by the leaders of this action?
what are the rules for this action again?
i forgot

don't forget 29.Dec.2006 19:13

to call the cops on yourself before you head out

cause someone will do it for you, when you get there if you don't follow the rules set by this pathological group.

they hate us, and have made it very clear, that people like us (all of us) are not their kind.

Go by the rules, dammit! 29.Dec.2006 22:32


C'mon! We all know the limits of what we are allowed to do before the government's hired killers open up a can of whoop-ass (or pepper spray) on us.

Just play nice, hold hands, sing "All we are saaaaaying, is give peace a chance" (that is, if all involved can come to consensus on whether or not to sing or chant), and accomplish ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN' NOTHING!! If these actions had any impact on the status quo, they wouldn't be allowed, or the participants would be brutally treated to pepper spray and rubber bullets.

For a real thrill organize, strategize, implement. And remember that those who fight and run away will live to fight another day.

Not attending. 29.Dec.2006 22:43


Warning to all who might want to attend: The organizers of this event are collaborators who have openly threatened to turn people over to the police state if they should step "out of line." These are also the same people who snitched on people on October 5th, and who helped the corporate media to demonize demonstrators. They are NOT OUR ALLIES.

This is a trap, and these people are NOT to be trusted.

I, for one, am appalled that they would even suggest that people come forward to hold hands with them. They are traitors.

I've already put in my 2 cents 29.Dec.2006 22:45


But just in case Ms. Ellis et al missed it, here is what I think of this event.


For the record, I will not be attending.

Legal Observers and or Jail Support? 30.Dec.2006 20:25


There should be both legal observers and jail support if this is a legitimate action. This action is not of the people. The track record of the organizers is anti democratic. The steel bridge strategically is a poor choice to have a demonstration. This action smells.

"legal support"? 30.Dec.2006 20:30


One of the organizers for this event has stated, publically, that demonstrators who are arrested deserve it, and can "rot in jail."

These are no allies.

Another Point of View 31.Dec.2006 14:29


It is really regretable if the organizers of Oct. 5 did call the cops. But look at it this way. If you are going to organize an event and you call it "family friendly" that means that some people are going to bring their children. Those parents may not want to have a confrontational event that could mean police/protestor violence. Other people in wheel chairs or too old to run may not want to put themselves in harm's way for the same reason.

If folks want to do civil disobedience or other types of physical actions because they want to express themselves more strongly, let them do it. I respect their actions. But they should not coopt a demonstration where many attendees had not bargained for physical risks. It's not fair.

The anti war movement must be open to all, including risk takers and those who don't want risk and there is a time and a place for everything.

please be more observant 31.Dec.2006 15:21

also a teacher

It does not one good to ignore the reality of what happened. The Oct 5 protest event called for a "mass day of resistance". It was amazing naive and irresponsible of the organizers to present their event as such if that is not what they wanted. Furthermore, the police cannot be trusted at any event. Obviously, in a just society people who were simply exercising their first amendment rights would have nothing to fear from the police. But clearly, this is not a just society. Fear of the police should not keep people from events for if you do not exercise your rights they will be lost. But it's important to remember that there is no event too peaceful for the police not to beat people. The videos and lawsuits from A22 proved that quite effectively. People who attend a protest calling for "mass resistance" that did not "bargain for physical risks" frankly weren't thinking. Be smarter and pay better attention next time. This isn't a game, fighting for rights always carries risks from oppressive governments. If you're not willing to fight, stay home, and pray that someone does the fighting for you.

"coopt" 31.Dec.2006 16:55


Saying that people who show up doing what the organizers of an event called for is somehow co-opting that event seems like quite a stretch.

Kind of like my saying that the last potluck at my house was co-opted by all the people bringing food.