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AT&T and BellSouth Merger Goes Foward, though Net Neutrality agreement temporary? Act now.

This is an update about the Net Neutrality legal debate in the United States, from Free Press.

From what they say, they overlook that a global corporation owning everthing hardly preserves net neutrality. "Agreeing to Net Neutrality" sounds like so much more "fascist baby steps" strategy: agreeing to Net Neutrality, though at the same moment going against the other major concern of Americans when we sent in more than 1 million complaints to the FCC, AGAINST ALL FURTHER MEDIA CONSOLDATION in the United States.

Net Neutrality is still endangered by a consoldidated media. By pretending to allow net neutrality temporarily to get more consolidation they want, they get to consolidate anyway and will still want to keep taking it away later. It is a pie crust promise, subject to revision later obviously--when they are stronger.

A route of further consolidation, which we collectively want to stop, is still going forward. A route of net neutrality, which we collectively want to stop, is off the burner, though the corporate groups that want it are only getting more powerful. It rationally stands that the danger against net neutrality--instead of passing--is only getting larger as these telecoms get larger: breaking up the telecom monopolies instead of allowing further consolidation is part of the issue for protecting net neutrality, I would offer.
Dear Concerned Citizen,

Last night, we scored a significant victory in the fight to
protect Net Neutrality. After intense public pressure, AT&T
executives agreed to adhere to Network Neutrality conditions in
order to secure FCC approval for their mega-merger with

While the merger itself raises serious concerns, this agreement
sets a crucial precedent for Internet freedom. It's now up to
the new Congress to finish the work of the FCC and make Net
Neutrality permanent under the law.

Tell Congress to Make Net Neutrality the Law:

The agreement sets the bar for all future Internet policy, and
paves the way for Congress to make Net Neutrality the law in
2007. That's why it's vital for you to speak up now.

Before Congress begins its new session on January 4, your elected officials need to hear from you.

Sign this letter to let them know that it's time they stand with the more than a million people who spoke out forcefully in support of Internet freedom in 2006 and want permanent Net Neutrality.

Act Now: Tell Congress to Make Net Neutrality the Law:

As the New Year begins, we need to stand ready and take our
fight for a faster, more open and accessible Internet back to
Congress. With your help, we can create a better Internet for

Best Wishes,

Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press

1. For more details on AT&T's concession, read Columbia Law
Professor Tim Wu's analysis at SavetheInternet.com:

2. Watch our "Top Rated" YouTube video to see highlights in the
fight for Internet Freedom:

3. Please support our Internet Freedom campaign. Make a
contribution to the Free Press Action Fund today:

You can take action on this alert via the web at:

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