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Rosecity Copwatch Benefit Tonight!

Benefit for Rosecity Copwatch at Rotture 315 SE 3RD, TONIGHT at 9PM
The employees of cdbaby are having a benefit for Rosecity Copwatch!
Rotture 315 SE 3rdk, starts at 9, $5
Breanna Paletta * Chris Robley & Dan Mills * Nervous & the Vast Perhaps * Charmparticles * Benjamin Franklin Freeman * Davis Hooker * Slam Dunk (WITH AUTHORITY) * Upshit Creek * Drunken Boat * BJOAICHB * Tripolar * Beardog * Jesus Burger * Eagle Sect* Fargyearg

folks from copwatch will be there to answer questions and maybe speak.

sorry, 21+.
see you there!

more info on copwatch here:

homepage: homepage: http://rosecitycopwatch.org/

smoking club? 29.Dec.2006 15:12


I haven't been to Rotture yet, and the phone wasn't answered... is the club smoke-free or smoke-full?